10 volunteering ideas to escape the winter

1. Cambodia Community ProjectIf you want the complete opposite to winter, Cambodia is the place to be! You can spend your weekdays working with local communities to provide better education, access to clean drinking water, food and farming support, or help empower marginalized women. And then enjoy your nights and weekends swimming, having a few […]

Colombia just got cheaper!

Most people who volunteer in Colombia end up asking themselves just one question: Why didn’t I come before? And then spend the next few years planning their return. Colombia has certainly come a very long way since the 1970s and 80s when it was one supposedly of the most dangerous places on the South American […]

Christmas treats for the children at our projects

Christmas is all about children but it’s easy to forget that not all children are lucky enough to live in countries where games and toys and too much to eat are seen as normal. Thankfully we are in a position to help make Christmas a time of happiness for the children we work with – […]

Free Spanish classes for Colombia volunteers

Free Spanish classes are now available to all volunteers on placements with our Colombia Kids Project in Medellin.   Introduced earlier this year, the classes have been a big hit with volunteers who benefit from the tuition to improve their performance while volunteering, as well as enabling them to immerse themselves more fully in the lively […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Simon

“Medellin, the project, and the travel that has followed have been one of the best experiences of my life, and probably always will be.”Simon, a 31 year-old British volunteer from Cheshire tells us about his two month placement in Medellin.Like any new experience you can seek out all the blogs, pictures, reviews and counsel you […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Richie

“My experience with Globalteer was totally amazing…”I was assigned to teach English and Art to the kids. Interacting with these kids was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. We had several groups of kids each day.As we were teaching them English, they were teaching me Spanish! It was  really fun. The last […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathryn

“They were two of the most fun, chaotic, exhausting hours of my life…a tiny idea and a group of kids who appreciate simple things and an adult’s undivided attention.”Kathryn, a 37 year-old project and event manager from Australia had already seen much of the world when she chose volunteering with our Colombia children’s project for […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin

“My volunteer trip was a life changing experience that I will never forget”When 21 year-old Kevin  undertook a six week volunteer placement with Globalteer’s Colombia Children’s project, it was the first time he had travelled outside of his native United States.But Kevin was already pretty familiar with the Colombian way of life – he has […]

Meet the team in Colombia

Here is a little more information about our Globalteer staff in Medellin! This fantastic team can help you with whatever you might want to know about Medellin and Colombia, and will be there to ensure that your placement is meaningful, productive and everything that you are hoping for! You can read our full Latin America and […]

Postcard from Colombia

Drugs? Coffee? That 80’s soccer dude with the crazy blonde affro? The irresistibly dizzy Gloria from hit US sitcom Modern Family? Just what is Colombia most famous for?Truth is, it’s all of the above. Which is a shame really as there is much more to Colombia than these easy clichés. And in particular there is […]