Five Things You Need To Know About Bear Bile Farms and What is Being Done To Stop Them

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1. What is a bear bile farm?

Many people around the world do not know anything about Bear Bile Farming. Firstly, bear bile is a yellow liquid that is extracted from the gallbladder while the bear is still living. Bear bile has been used in Asian medicinal practices for centuries and some studies show it can help treat liver maladies. Today it is used to treat everything from a head cold to cancer although there has been no study confirming that the bile actually helps cure these illnesses. The bears that are captured and used for bear bile are the Sun Bears and the Asiatic (or Moon) Bears.

Bear Bile cage

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Dog Welfare in Peru – Cusco’s Canine Conundrum

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Cusco: City of Ancient Wonders…and Dogs

Anyone who has ever visited Cusco, whether as a tourist or volunteer, will tell you that the city is full of dogs. You will see them as soon as you leave the airport and head to your destination via taxi in any direction – small dogs, large dogs, old dogs, puppies, every colour, every shape and size, alone or in small packs – they literally can be found on every street and in every alley way.

Street Dog in Cusco

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Happy Earth Day | How To Help Conservation Efforts

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Happy Earth Day From Globalteer

We want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day. We at Globalteer understand just how important our earth is and how important it is to help conserve it.

We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Sudan, the last Northern White Male Rhino. This made us realize even more just how important it is that we all take on the responsibility to protect the animals and our planet. At Globalteer we work with  conservation projects that deal with the environment and animals.

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Colombia Kids Project Sport’s Day

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Sports Activity Day at our Colombia Kids Project!

One of the most important children's programmes is the Colombia Kids Project. Twice a week, representatives from a sports association which belongs to the mayor of Medellin’s office come to the project to assist in preparing various activities for the children. The sports include playing football, games, organising small competitions and taking the children to the local swimming pool. Sports are an important part of a child's development and also a fun distraction for the kids.

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Picaflor House English Programme Success

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Picaflor Student Wins English Competition!

The staff at our Picaflor House project received some great news this week. The project's English Programme is proving a success with a recent former student winning a regional English competition!

The student attended Picaflor House for 5 years before leaving last year to attend secondary school. While at Picaflor House he was a very diligent and excellent student, as well as an ambassador for Picaflor House.

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Cambodia Food and Farming Project

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The Helping Hands Farm

The breakfast program is a very important aspect of the Helping Hands Project, providing a nutritious breakfast to all the students daily. Breakfast is prepared in accordance to guidelines from the World Food Programme and is aimed at combating protein malnutrition. As part of this, Helping Hands has its own farm where vegetables are grown for use in the breakfast program. 

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Volunteering at the Food and Farm Project

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Helping the Helping Hands Farm

Lee Ann, 57, joined us from the USA on her time off from her job of documenting and following conservation, environmental regulations, processes and forms of fishing in Alaska. She combined volunteer placements in Siem Reap, volunteering at two Cambodia projects – the Cambodia Food and Farming Project and the Cambodia Clean Water Project for six weeks. Here is her recap on her experience at the Cambodia Food and Farming Programme!

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Toothbrush Campaign Cambodia

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Globalteer Gives Back - Cambodia Toothbrush Campaign

Globalteer has continued the Globalteer Gives Back Campaign, this time focusing on donating toothbrushes and dental hygiene education with a Cambodia Toothbrush Campaign! As a UK registered Charity, Globalteer aims to constantly give back to the communities we work with through education and donations such as the Globalteer Gives Back Campaigns and through volunteer placements.

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Volunteering in Colombia Spotlight: Stefan

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Volunteering in Colombia

I spent two weeks volunteering in Colombia with Globalteer at their Colombia Kids project. It was one of the best experiences of my life. You can really feel that your help is needed and that you really are making a difference. It's wonderful to see kids learning from you, doesn't matter if it is the English language or geographical knowledge or even some information about your home country. 

My time volunteering in Colombia has really helped me realise that even one person can make a change and make a difference in the lives of people who really need it. 

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