Proving Access to Books For Children in Cambodia & Peru

Lack of access to libraries in developing countries

We often take for granted the idea that libraries always existed and could be found anywhere throughout the world. However, for some countries, libraries are rarely accessible for most of the population or they don’t exist at all. This is a common problem for many children living in Peru and Cambodia.

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Travel in a Post Pandemic World

What will travel look like?

2020 has gone pretty differently to how anyone could have predicted. In particular, COVID-19 has worked its way around the globe, leaving very few places unaffected. It's hard to predict exactly what travel after the pandemic will look like, but we can make some educated assumptions.

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Wildlife Trafficking in Asia

Wildlife Trade Issues in Asia

Wildlife trafficking in Asia is rampant! Several Southeast Asian countries are acting as supplier, consumer and general import-export hubs for illegal wildlife trade. Criminal networks are at the heart of the illegal wildlife trade using weak borders and the internet to expand their reach.

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Empowering Women in Peru

Helping Rural Women Gain Control in their Lives

In rural Peru it is still common for women to have little control in the home or a say in family decisions. We are aiming to empower women in rural Peru by helping them start their own businesses so they can earn their own income and gain some control in their lives.

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Providing Clean Water in Cambodia to Rural Villages

Giving rural villages access to clean water!

The limited access to clean water is one of the biggest issues facing people in Cambodia, causing thousands of deaths per year. Providing clean water to Cambodian villages is of the utmost importance.

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Wildlife Trafficking in Laos

Battling illegal wildlife trafficking in Laos 

Laos is a spectacular country in South East Asia, bordered by China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. The country is popular for its beautiful nature with rugged mountains, the Mekong River and large stretches of forest. The country is also home to a wide variety of wildlife including many endangered species. Unfortunately, the geographical positioning of Laos makes it a major highway for illegal trafficking of wildlife.

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Providing Students with Nutrition in Cambodia

How our Food & Farming Programme & Breakfast Programme are tackling Nutrition Issues in Cambodia

According to the National Nutrition Strategy report, Cambodia has made great progress in tackling child malnutrition issues. However, malnutrition rates among children under 5 remain some of the highest in the region.

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