5 Must Read Books On Volunteering

Lending a helping hand and volunteering not only helps the world become a better place, but it also has positive influence on your own wellbeing. For many, this might be a bit surprising, but those who actively volunteer regularly are no strangers to this information. What can you do to get involved and start volunteering regularly? Surprisingly, the answer is read some books.

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Should You Get Travel Insurance for a Volunteer Trip?

People pay monthly insurance bills to protect their health, their belongings, and their loved ones. In addition to your current policies, you may have heard of another insurance option that applies while you’re away from home.

Should you get travel insurance for a volunteer trip? Here are a few things to consider before making a final decision.

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Coronavirus Update

April, 2021

Coronavirus Update for Volunteers.

In these uncertain times we want to assure our volunteers and supporters that Globalteer continues to monitor the situation with COVID-19.

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How to Prepare For Your First International Flight

Your first international flight can involve a mixture of feelings, like anxiety, excitement and nervousness. These are all completely normal. After all, there’s a ton of preparation that goes into travelling abroad. By following these tips, you’ll be ready for take-off and all set to enjoy the journey. 

Here’s what to know when flying for the first time.

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Personal Safety and Security While Abroad

How to Protect Yourself While Traveling Abroad

These days, your mind might automatically turn to things like masks and hand sanitizer when it comes to travel safety and security. As vital as such supplies are during a pandemic, germs aren’t your only concern.

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Don’t Believe These 7 Myths About Volunteering Abroad!

Being an international volunteer is a great experience that can equip you with new skills (along with sharpened current ones). However, if you’ve heard any negative stories about volunteering abroad lately, then chances are, you might’ve run into several myths that you didn’t even know were myths.

But not to worry! In this article, we’ll look at 7 of the most common myths about volunteering abroad:

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Budgeting For Your Volunteer Trip Abroad

Smart Ways to Save and Budget for a Volunteer Trip

Volunteering abroad is a great way to give back to communities and people in need, and it will likely be one of the best experiences of your life. After conducting plenty of research and deciding where you want to go, you will need to focus on budgeting and saving money to travel overseas.

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Volunteering Experience at the Cambodia Cat & Dog Rescue Project

The Cambodia Cat & Dog Rescue project cares for animals rescued from Phnom Penh's streets. In addition to caring for these cats & dogs the project is also educating the community on animal care and working to improve the welfare of animals throughout Cambodia. Our Regional Manager, Crissy, recently visited the project and spent the day as a volunteer to gain a more in-depth insight into the volunteer experience at the project.

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What Is Sustainable Travel?

How You Can Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is a great way to give your time and effort to communities that are not your own. It provides a chance to explore what the world has to offer while putting smiles on people’s faces thousands of miles away from your home.

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