A Veggie Abroad in Cusco

Being a Vegetarian in Cusco - Top Tips

Evie from the UK was raised a pescatarian and has also experimented with flexible veganism, deciding on being a vegetarian largely due to her love of cheese! Having recently finished interning with Globalteer, she is sharing her advice for living in Cusco as a vegetarian.

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Reducing the Plastic Pollution in Southeast Asia

Tackling the Plastic Pollution in Rural Cambodia!

There is a great need to reduce the plastic pollution in Southeast Asia. Throughout it's countries plastic pollution is a common sight. Bottles that were once clean and transparent are now lying on the ground, coated in a layer of dust. Plastic blags once used to carry shopping home drift aimlessly across roads and streets.

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Coronavirus Update

March 20th, 2020 

Coronavirus Update for Volunteers.

In these uncertain times we want to assure our volunteers and supporters that Globalteer has been closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19.

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Games night! A social event supporting projects in Cambodia

Monthly Games Night at our GlobalHub café!

The first Wednesday of every month, we have been holding a Games Night at the GlobalHub cafe, our social enterprise café in Cambodia. It has been providing support to responsible and sustainable projects since May 2019. The Globalhub itself is a nice place where you can check emails, work, write, read or play games while having a cup of cold refreshing tea or enjoy one of the delicious sandwiches.

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PAWS for Applause: Improving Animal Welfare in Cusco

Our First PAWS Campaign!

As part of one of our many initiatives, Globalteer strives to make Cusco, Peru a safer place for animals both with and without homes. In the past few weeks, as part of our PAWS (Peru Animal Welfare Society) iniative, with the help of our partners at the Peru Dog Rescue project Rescue Project, we ran our first health campaign in our new mobile clinic! From spreading the word to hands-on work, volunteers helped every step of the way.

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The Forgotten Bear | How Do We Improve Sun Bear Conservation?

Why should Sun Bear Conservation be at the front of our minds? The world is currently home to eight species of bears, that live across five of its seven continents. They can climb trees and swim & have a better sense of smell than dogs. And half of all its species are threatened with extinction. One of the most threatened species is the sun bear.

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Why you should keep a travel journal

Make memories last longer by journaling!

With apps like Instagram and VSCO all the rage, you may be tempted to make your experience overseas more photo-focused. However, you might consider a travel journal as a way of documenting your trip. Whether you think it’s a little old or tried and true, here are a few reasons to break out the pen and paper during your volunteer experience: 

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Life as an Intern Abroad

Life as an Intern in Cusco with Globalteer - what can you expect?

Life as an intern abroad with Globalteer means you will always have people around you in the volunteer house. Here, you live with other interns as well as volunteers. You will thereby have someone to ask questions that might come up, as you enter a new country on your own. It is also valuable to have someone with whom you can explore the city as well as surrounding areas, and share your experiences.

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Ending the Suffering | Helping Stray Animals in Cambodia

How we are helping stray animals in Cambodia!

Walking around streets in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, you will meet many stray dogs and perhaps spot a stray cat or twoThese animals have no home an no one to takes care of them. They roam the streets in search of food; Most of them sick and in desperate need of medical attention. But with no owners, they are left to fend for themselves. There is a huge need to help stray animals in Cambodia.

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