Unlock a Childhood Dream: Volunteer in the Amazon

“Since I was a child, it was always my dream to go to the Amazon,” 

gushed Andrew, a volunteer in the Manu Biosphere. His words echo the sentiment of many who fantasize about meandering under tree canopies teeming with biodiversity. After all, volunteering in the Amazon is a great opportunity to see animals that only exist in this region!

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Semana Santa in Cusco

It’s not every day you see a giant statue of Jesus, known as the Taytacha in Quechua, toted down the cobblestone streets of Cusco. However, this annual sight is a staple of Semana Santa. Holy Week is just one of many cultural events celebrated throughout Peru.

Globalteer volunteers and interns can experience festivals and cultural opportunities year-round!

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13 Tips on Learning A New Language

My best friend once said learning another language is like discovering a superpower. 

Skin-tight spandex and villains aside, she's right. Language is culture. It is the main thread of all social fabrics, dictating how we interact with one another and convey our emotions, dreams, and fears. 

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10 Reasons To Volunteer With Globalteer

Volunteering abroad offers you the opportunity to mix travelling and giving back to the less fortunate. Additionally, volunteering allows you to meet people from diverse backgrounds and make memories that will last a lifetime. Finally, volunteering has also been shown to improve your physical and mental health. If you have ever considered volunteering, this blog will offer you 10 reasons why you should volunteer with Globalteer.

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Intern Spotlight: Louis, Gift Giving Strategist

As mentioned in the blogs on Florian and Larissa, I will be shining a spotlight on the work being done by multiple interns. The aim of this series of blogs is to highlight the great work that the interns do. This series also aims to provide prospective applicants with a practical understanding of the work they would do should they apply for one of Globalteer’s internships.

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Intern Spotlight: Larissa, NGO Assistant

In my blog about Florian, I mentioned that I would be shining a spotlight on multiple interns and the work that they do to progress Globalteer’s organizational goals. The aim of this series of blogs is to highlight the great work being done by our interns along with giving prospective interns a practical understanding of the work that they would do should they apply for one of Globalteer’s internships.

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Volunteer to Protect Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

If you have ever considered volunteering in Costa Rica to protect sea turtles, then this is the blog for you! Sea turtles in Costa Rica are classified as endangered and are nearing extinction due to humans and natural factors.

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Volunteering Abroad as a Family

Volunteering abroad as a family is a form of traveling that has gained popularity in recent years. One of the reasons for this is that it allows families to explore different destinations, have fun as a family, and do fulfilling work which helps underprivileged communities, animals and the environment. This form of travel also has a positive impact on children as they learn perspective, empathy and soft skills such as communication and social skills.

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