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Are you looking for charity work abroad as a volunteer or an intern?
Globalteer is a UK Charity working overseas in the fields of community projects, schools, animal rescue and conservation.

Globalteer is one of the world's leading and most trusted responsible volunteering organisations providing charity work abroad. Why Volunteer with Globalteer?

Globalteer' vision is a world where human and animal suffering are minimised and the future of our planet is safeguarded by effectively harnessing the goodwill of people who share our vision. Globalteer's Vision and Mission...

Since 2006 our charitable expenditure has been almost GBP£4 million. Learn more about Globalteer's achievements...

Globalteer ticks all the boxes when it comes to responsible volunteering. Read why Globalteer is regarded as a leading Responsible Overseas Volunteering Organisation.

Globalteer is a leader in Child Protection in international volunteering. Check out our Child Protection Policy to find out why.

As a UK Charity, Globalteer's financial accounts are independently audited and freely available online. You can find out where your money goes when you make a volunteer placement fee or donation to Globalteer on this website or from the UK Charities Commission.

Globalteer was founded in 2006 and became a registered UK charity in 2007. Read more about the history of Globalteer.

Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering overseas and charity work abroad with Globalteer.

Globalteer's team is made up of dedicated, well travelled and knowledgeable staff. Meet the team here!

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