Our Impact

Our Impact

Invested over GBP £5 million (USD $6m) iachieving our charitable objectives. 
Placed over 5,000 volunteers in community & wildlife projects in Asia and Latin America.

We are committed to responsible, transparent financing

As a Non-Profit Organisation (UK Registered Charity), Globalteer does not make a profit. All the funding Globalteer receives must be applied to our charitable objectives. We support all our overseas projects financially to ensure their work is sustainable and can continue to be effective.

Our accounts are independently audited and posted online by the UK government.

Dancing children in Cambodia
100% of the locally run overseas projects would recommend Globalteer
95% of local projects describe Globalteer as "ethical" and  "responsible"
Mobile vet clinic Cusco Peru

Making a Real Difference

We strive to make a real local impact in the fields of education, community development, wildlife rescue and environmental conservation.

Globalteer monitors and evaluates our projects to ensure they are making a real difference.

10-module child protection training to keep children safe in Latin America & Asia
1000s of wild animals rescued and released by amazing rescue projects supported by Globalteer

Responsible and Ethical

100% of our partners agree that Globalteer “takes local feedback seriously”, “treats local and Western staff with equity” and “assists in a constructive way”. This reflects our guiding principle that a non-profit should always do more good than harm.

Service learning at an elephant sanctuary
65,00 nutritious meals provided to children in Cambodia   each year
260 school uniforms provided to children each year so they can attend government school
Helping Hands Cambodia

Responsible Volunteering

100% of local projects agreed that Globalteer volunteers had the correct training to be helpful and to bring a positive change with the appropriate attitude.

Volunteers learn during a cultural exchange rather than simply volunteering abroad. This is because we want to share personal skills such as humility, patience and resilience as well as the culture of  different countries. We do not think our mission is to just help those in need of support but rather invite volunteers to learn, dig deep and understand while providing their valuable service.

100s of dogs each month from rural villages provided healthcare using our mobile veterinary clinic
1000s of children provided with sports classes that would  not otherwise receive any kind of physical education

Make a Global Impact

We firmly believe that everyone can make an impact regardless of generation or circumstance – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials, singles, couples, families, corporate groups and individuals from all over - it does not matter in a global world. We have been delivering a quality experience to those who join us overseas since 2016.

Peru dog shelter
Around 13 interns working at our overseas locations at any one time resulting in charity ambassadors for good causes with hands-on experience in a responsible sector
“Globalteer means hope to me, it is the bridge between the ones that want to share love, and hope and the ones who really need it.” - Luz Chapi, local project manager in Peru
Best friends at Picaflor House

Carefully Selected Programmes

Globalteer is driven by local needs. Our overseas teams work closely with communities and local initiatives to ensure all our programmes are ethical, responsible and sustainable.

15,600 nutritious meals provided to children in Peru each year
20,800 healthy snacks and fruit provided to children each year

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Globalteer is working towards a number of the UN's development goals in our various programmes such as:

No Poverty | Zero Hunger | Good Health and Well-being | Quality Education | Gender Equality | Clean Water and Sanitation | Reduced Inequality | Life Below Water | Life on Land | Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Food and farming in Cambodia
5 main initiatives globally supporting dozens of overseas projects
35 full time staff overseas running Globalteer's initiatives and supporting volunteers

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