Ethical Global Impact

Globalteer's mission is to create a lasting positive impact within the communities we serve. We achieve this through initiatives in education, community development, animal welfare, wildlife rescue, environmental conservation and service learning.
Cultural exchange is an integral component to our work. Volunteers establish genuine connections with local communities by sharing cultures, experiences, resources and goals. Through teamwork and understanding, we can all work together to create a world to minimize the suffering of humans and animals.
As a Non-Profit Organization, we cultivate an approach to service that is both responsible and ethical. We achieve this by addressing the needs of the community as identified by the community itself rather than imposing our personal beliefs.

What We Do

At Globalteer, we run initiatives for children, communities and animal care. We also support ethical overseas partners by sending volunteers and financial support.

Get Involved - Be part of something amazing!

As a Non-Profit Organization, Globalteer supports sustainable long-term responsible projects. Also, service learning in the name of cultural exchange and community involvement. We are focusing on making an impact in an inclusive, ethical and responsible way.