Volunteer Spotlight: Tom

Don’t hesitate, go for it!During the summer of 2009, I spent five fabulous weeks in COLOMBIA! I stayed at my native girlfriend’s house in Medellin for the most part, whilst also travelling across the lush and plant-filled landscapes and trying as best as I could to immerse myself in a completely new, and rather ‘wild’ […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Mat

“But she just waves goodbye and grins…”On my last day, a little girl held my hand whilst I was kicking a football with the older children. Her small hand wrapped perfectly around my little finger. Every time I moved from one side or another she faithfully followed. Every once in a while I’d look down […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Joshua

Honestly my favourite place in the world now. Colombia is such a great place. It’s funny, I remember seeing somewhere that the only risk in Colombia is that you won’t want to leave. Its very true. I will be making many return trips to Medellin in particular.The people are in all honesty the nicest people […]