Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 has had a huge impact around the world, and we are no exception. Due to travel restrictions & bans worldwide, people are no longer travelling, which means no volunteers. This is a big loss of physical help and financial income from the volunteer donation. And given the current global climate it may be a while before we see any more volunteers.

The children and families that Globalteer support are suffering now and all are concerned, as they also have no safety net in Peru. With such uncertainty ahead we need your support now more than ever so we can continue our vital work as soon as Peru's quarantine is lifted to continue supporting the women in Pinagua.

Our Purpose

Our Award Winning Women's Empowerment project is a Globalteer initiative helping women in rural villages near Cusco, Peru. The project functions as a way to help women gain their own income. The women we support can start and run their own businesses and support their families without relying on their husbands.

In cities women’s rights and social movements are expanding in Peru. But machismo culture is still prevalent in rural areas. Because of systemic issues, women still face certain expectations that inhibit them from creating their own path. There are expectations to take care of the house and the children, which inhibits women to have the time for their own income. Taking care of family matters and constructing their own livelihood are deeply rooted concerns for women in rural Peru. Thanks to this project, the women will be able to have more control over their earnings to be able to support their families.

2020 Philanthropy Award Winner

Our Pinagua Women's Empowerment project has been awarded the 2020 Innovation in Philanthropy Award. The award, sponsored by the GoAbroad Foundation, recognises philanthropic efforts that have impacted an individual, group or local or global community.

2020 GoAbroad Innovation in Philanthropy Winner
Pinagua Women's Empowerment
Empowering Women in Peru
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