Top Tips for Brilliant Fundraising

Top Tips for Fundraising

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Globalteer! We can only keep supporting our communities and animals with the support of our generous donors and fundraisers, like you.

Whether you are looking to fundraise for your volunteer placement or support your favourite Globalteer initiative, it can be difficult to know where to start. But don't worry, we've got some fundraising tips to help!

Three children in rural Peru attending Globalteer's supplementary education project

Organising Your Fundraiser

Getting your fundraising efforts off the ground may seem like a daunting task, but here are six simple steps which will help get you started and ensure your success!

1. Decide on a fundraising activity or event

Work out what you want to do to get the donations flowing. It might be an individual activity, participation in an organised sporting event or a community event like a coffee morning. Remember, the simplest ideas are often the best!

2. Set up your fundraising page

If you are volunteering or interning with us, we will set up a fundraising page for you on our website. If you are a general fundraiser, we can do this for you too, or you can use any fundraising platform. See our Fundraising Guide below, for details.

3. Share, share, share!

Your fundraising won’t be very successful if no one knows about it! Share details of your event/activity (and the link to your fundraising page) with everyone you know, and even your local community.

infographic showing ideas for fundraising activities

4. Get organised

Make sure you have everything you need, such as sponsorship forms, food, the location and permits (if necessary). The bigger your event, the more planning and organisation it will need.

5. On the day

Good organisation should mean that the day is pretty relaxed: you will just need to run your 5km, sell tea and cake or host your dinner party. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

6. The "Thank You!"

Share your success with everyone who supported you, let them know how much you raised and of course, say a great big THANK YOU! Don't forget to follow up with your supporters after the event, to show them the impact their donations made.

For more details and ideas, download our full fundraising guides below.

“Passion, transparency and efficiency! Sharing why you are passionate for your cause is an important component of any effective and successful campaign.  Tell people why you connect with the cause and support its efforts.” -  Darron, Helping Hands Volunteer, Fundraiser & Supporter

fundraising photo of a volunteer and Cambodian children