Top Tips for Brilliant Fundraising

Top Tips for Brilliant Fundraising

Whether you are looking to fundraise for your volunteer placement or just to support one of our  initiatives, it can be difficult to know where to start. But don't worry, we've got some fundraising tips to help!

While Globalteer provides one of the most affordable and ethical opportunities to volunteer internationally, we also understand that the cost of overseas travel is not always cheap, especially with flights, visas and vaccinations thrown in.

Globalteer encourages fundraising as a way to help cover the expenses of your volunteer adventure, so here we have put together some great ideas on how you can raise money for your life-changing experience! This list is also helpful if you would like to continue fundraising after your placement to provide much-needed funds and ongoing support to the communities and projects that Globalteer serves.

We understand that not everyone can travel to volunteer as well. But it doesn't mean you can't still make a difference! And fundraising for projects is a perfect way to do so.

“Passion, transparency and efficiency! Sharing why you are passionate for your cause is an important component of any effective and successful campaign.  Tell people why you connect with the cause and support its efforts.”  - Darron, Helping Hands Volunteer & Supporter!

Fundraising for Charity
Before you get started

Don’t forget that we can also provide a letter authorising you to collect money for Globalteer if you send us details of how, when and where you are fundraising.

If fundraising for your volunteer placement: Also remember to be clear that the money you are raising is going towards your overall volunteering placement, which includes a donation to the project, but also the cost of accommodation, food, transfers, support staff and so on. 

Set up an online fundraising page
For Volunteer Placements

Globalteer has partnered with the popular online fundraising platform Fund My Travel. Through Fund My Travel you can build your own fundraising page and collect donations from friends, colleagues and family to put towards your project payment, plus also flights, visas, vaccinations and any other travel expenses.

You can outline the specific costs of your overseas volunteering trip to give supporters a clear idea of where their money is going, and also post thank you messages and updates to keep supporters engaged.

You just need a PayPal or WePay account to withdraw the funds to your bank account – which is super easy to set up – and then submit your volunteer placement payment as normal. For detailed information on how to set up your fundraising page today, head to Fund My Travel’s FAQ section.

Fund My Travel also has a handy fundraising toolkit with additional ideas to support your fundraising, especially including offline fundraising since not everyone is comfortable giving online!



Fundraising for Projects

There are also plenty of online fundraising sites, like Go Fund Me or Fundly, that you can utlise if you are trying to raise money for a project. Just set up your funding page, set your goal and start sharing!

You can help gain interest amongst your friends and family members by combining it with sponsoring ideas! Set some smaller goals along the way to your overall goal and agree to a challenge or task when you reach each goal. And of course share pictures and videos of yourself completely these goals to keep the interest up and encourage more people to donate so you will reach the next 'challenge'.

Hummingbird at the Peru Amazon Conservation project
Ask for donations in lieu of gifts

Ask friends, family and colleagues for a donation to your chosen project (or a financial contribution to your international volunteering trip if raising funds for a volunteer placement) instead of a present for your birthday, Christmas, graduation or any other similar event.

Most people will be happy to support such a good cause, but just remember to tell everyone beforehand!

Organise an event

There are many different types of fundraising events – from quiz nights to scavenger hunts – that you can organise to raise funds. Advertise your fundraising events with flyers, word-of-mouth, and online social networks to get the word out to as many people as possible!

Here is a list of events that you could organise:

  • Sponsored walk/swim/run/biathlon/triathlon
  • Crazy race, scavenger hunt or pub crawl
  • Bake sale at work, from your front yard, at your local pub, or at work
  • Quiz night with an entry fee and raffle
  • Big night in! Have a night in with your friends and ask them to donate what they saved by not going out
  • A raffle with donations from local businesses
  • Dress down day at work or school
  • Get sponsored to give something up for a period of time (cigarettes, beer, wine, coffee) and blog about it
  • Grow a moustache for a month
  • Shave your head
  • Clothing or spring clean sale
  • Theme night with entry fee, such as an English tea party or murder mystery night
  • Sweepstake
  • Cooking competition
Explore matched giving opportunities

Matched giving is when an employer matches a donation made by an employee to a non-profit organisation – like Globalteer. Employers who have a matched giving programme will normally match what you have fundraised dollar to dollar, so if you have raised $500 your employer would match this with another $500! Also, don’t forget to check if your employer has a policy for giving extra paid days off for volunteering so you use less of your vacation time.

Elephants at the Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary