Peru Animal Welfare Society

Our main mission to reduce the number of dogs on the streets in Cusco, Peru as well as limiting the suffering of the many stray dogs. We help the dogs with a health, vaccinating & sterilising programme. We also support animals in shelters.

Recent figures suggest the number of street dogs in Cusco could be as high as 40,000. These dogs roam the streets freely and are incredibly vulnerable to both disease and injury.

PAWS for Change: Help Street Dogs in Peru

We support the largest dog shelter in Cusco, where rescued dogs receive food, veterinary treatment and a lot of love from the staff and volunteers. However, we soon realised that caring for rescued dogs in shelters was only the answer to half the problem for street dogs.

The situation for dogs in Cusco was not going to improve without mass vaccination and sterilisation of dogs, improved education of locals on animal treatment and welfare, and permanent, loving homes for the dogs.

With this in mind, we established the Peru Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), in order to keep supporting the rescued dogs, as well as combat the wider issues with four areas of focus.

Our Mission

1) Education: by visiting schools and creating a public information programme
2) Sterilisation: to neuter/spay the street dog population
3) Vaccination: to provide vaccines and health care for dogs
4) Shelter Support & Adoption Programme: Continuing to work with existing rescue shelters and veterinary clinics to ensure there is an adoption programme.

Thanks to a grant from the Summerlee Foundation, we were able to purchase a mobile veterinary clinic. This clinic will be used to perform health checks, sterilisations and give vaccinations to the dogs in the many villages around Cusco. With an overall goal of limiting the suffering of dogs and helping to reduce the population of street dogs in Peru.