is a UK Registered Charity working in Asia and Latin America. Our Child Protection Module teaches children how to keep themselves safe.
A programme designed for children that was also designed by them and with them. 

If we can prepare them for the world that exists outside of the 4 walls of the classroom, we can extend our reach, we can keep more children safe. We can do better.

Globalteer’s Child Safety Module is designed as part policy, part research and part classroom curriculum. It is comprised of 8 modules of key safety issues for children, everything from which parts of your body can’t be touched by others to how to cross the road safely.

The idea is that by teaching our children how to keep themselves safe, we acknowledge that our existing reach only goes so far and actively seek to extend our commitment to protecting children.

 Mission Statement

To follow through with our responsibility and commitment to keep the children in our communities safe. To educate the children within our reach about keeping themselves safe from harm when they are outside of the classroom and most vulnerable, with awareness of their cultural contexts.