Colombia just got cheaper!

Most people who volunteer in Colombia end up asking themselves just one question: Why didn’t I come before? And then spend the next few years planning their return. Colombia has certainly come a very long way since the 1970s and 80s when it was one supposedly of the most dangerous places on the South American tourist trail.

Now it is safe and clean, the people are friendly, the coffee superb and the climate and nightlife are hot!

However, like many countries that are emerging from darker times there are still millions of poor and marginalised which is why Globalteer is committed to our volunteer programme in Medellin.

We need more volunteers!

We would love to place more volunteers with our wonderful project so we’ve tried to make the decision to volunteer in Colombia that bit easier by dropping our fees by up to 35%.

Placements now start at US$680 or £455. Fees still include all your accommodation, pre-departure and in-country orientation, daily transport to and from the project once you are in Medellin, your Globalteer volunteer co-ordinator based in Medellin, Spanish classes and most importantly a donation directly to the project where you will be working. If your placement is part of a study course we can also supply you with a letter of reference.

Getting to Colombia is easier than ever

There are direct flights to Colombia from many US cities and Colombian National Airline Avianca, which is part of the Star Alliance, now has direct flights between London and Bogota – just  a short flight from Medellin.

Why not check out all the details on our Colombia Community project pages, or read what other volunteers have to say about their Globalteer volunteering experiences in Medellin? The project really benefits from volunteer help and we are sure you won't regret your decision to visit captivating Colombia.