Volunteer With Elephants

Volunteering with Elephants in Thailand or Cambodia with a UK Charity.

Volunteer with Elephants

Volunteering with Elephants in Thailand or Cambodia the responsible way! Globalteer is dedicated to supporting ethical Elephant projects in South East Asia. Why not join us and volunteer to help elephants rescued from a life of hard work and suffering?

Volunteer with Elephants Abroad

You can volunteer with Elephants at Ethical Sanctuaries in Thailand or Cambodia with Globalteer. The sanctuaries rescue elephants from difficult lives of hard work and provide them with a life as close as possible to their wild relatives.

Volunteers walk the elephants into the forest to forage and bathe. Volunteers also feed the elephants and help carry out health checks to ensure they remain healthy and happy.

As a UK Charity, Globalteer does not support elephant riding or elephant performances which are common in Asia. The projects Globalteer work with put the elephants first, and the volunteers are there to help them have a carefree life free from the burden of work.

Volunteer with Elephants in Cambodia
Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

The Thailand Elephant Sanctuary gives safe haven to rescued elephants so they can live a life as close as possible to their wild relatives. Without the sanctuary these lovely animals would otherwise be roaming the streets, suffering terrible conditions at working elephant camps or being exploited by the tourist industry.

Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

The Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary is dedicated to providing a safe, natural habitat to elephants who are being rehabilitated from years of exploitation in logging, elephant rides and shows. Volunteers work alongside professional mahouts to help gives these beautiful creatures a better life.

Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

The Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary is based at the head of a beautiful jungle valley in Eastern Cambodia, providing rescued elephants with the most natural living environment possible. The project also works tirelessly in elephant conservation to protect Cambodia's remaining wild elephant population.