Globalteer's Sports Programme

Empowering Children Through Sports
Globalteer's main vision is to bring sports to groups of children who otherwise would not have them and empower them socially along the way.
Cambodia Sports Porject"
Empowering Children Through Sports"
Empowering Kids Through Sports"

Globalteer Sports Programme uses sports as a way of engaging children in lessons about leadership, team work, fair play and social issues. By combining sports and social cause, children not only learn new skills but also grow in confidence and find ways to face challenges, assert their rights and voice their opinions


Our Five Founding Principles

Physical Education 
Sports Festivals and Yearly Games 
Goals for Girls 
Sports Coaching – Rural Focus 
Sports for Social Impact 


Globalteer Sports Stats


Villages spreading the joy of sports


Kids enrolled in the sports program


Years, working with children in Cambodia


Schools engaged in the sports program
In our Journey of Empowering Children, We Want to Promote and Encourage

Quality Over Quantity! To deliver and measure impact, not just count numbers of the participants.

A Truly Democratic Programme! To ensure that children participate in a meaningful and an impactful programme that is designed with their input and best interest in mind. 

Appropriate Use of Resources! To get the most out of trained and untrained staff in a fair and symbiotic way.

The Key Values of Fair Play, Sportsmanship and Self-improvement.

Empowering Children through sports in Cusco, Peru!

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