Peru Marine Conservation Project

Volunteer to help with vital Marine Conservation work at the Peru Marine Conservation Project!

Volunteers are needed to help with vital marine conservation work in Peru. This project focuses on increasing knowledge of the marine ecosystems and how to handle them in harmony with human activities; to conserve them for future generations

• Unique and varied volunteer work

• Studies on sea turtles, whale sharks, sharks, rays, sea birds

• Beautiful location on the Peruvian Pacific coast

The Peru Marine Conservation Project Overview

Enjoy the tropical climate and beautiful beaches of Northern Peru while volunteering at the Peru Marine Conservation Project. Marine Conservation Volunteers help with various research projects aimed at protecting and conserving the marine ecosystems for future generations. Research projects include studies on sea turtles, whale sharks, sharks, rays, sea lions, sea birds and other marine life.

This project gives you the opportunity to volunteer in Peru to contribute towards vital marine conservation and research work. The marine ecosystem is undoubtedly one of the most important ecosystems in the world, and must be protected & conserved! Volunteer at the Peru Marine Conservation Project for a unique experience while also helping to make a positive impact on the planet!

Summary of the Peru Marine Conservation Project

The Project: Volunteer in Peru and work alongside marine conservation researchers. The Peru Marine Conservation project focuses on promoting and contributing to the conservation of the marine ecosystems. This programme takes a holistic approach to conservation; through scientific research, sustainability management, environmental education and inter-agency collaboration.

Project Location: The research area spans an 80km stretch of coastline between the Organos and Zorritos districts in Northern Peru. The main volunteer lodging site is located in Los Organos, about an hour from Talara.  Accessible by the Talara regional airport.


Main Volunteer Activities: Volunteers at this project work alongside local staff and researchers. Marine Conservation Volunteers help with the various research activities focused on local marine animals.

Hours: Volunteers work 6 days a week with one day free for sightseeing, relaxing or exploring. Hours are typically from 7am to 5pm daily. However hours can vary depending on the location and specific research projects at the time of volunteering.

Duration: Volunteer placements are year-round from 2 to 12 weeks.

Accommodation: Standard accommodation is dependent on the research activities; but will either be a shared dorm or tent camping.

Volunteer Requirements: Volunteers at this project must be aged 18+ and have either fluent English or Spanish. In addition, volunteers should have a moderate level of fitness as some days will involve several kilometers of walking. You should also have the ability to swim as some of the tasks required are undertaken in the water.

Volunteer Placement Fee: From UK£ 565/ US$735

Project History

This programme is a Peruvian non-profit association created in 2009. The project's purpose is learning about, maintaining and restoring the marine ecosystems in the Southeast Pacific; with special emphasis on Peruvian marine ecosystems.

The project focuses on increasing scientific knowledge about marine ecosystems and their species. In order to care for them properly in harmony with human activities. The research activities aim to see how economic activities, such as fisheries, adopt sustainable policies while ensuring the conservation of endangered species; such as sea turtles.

Additionally, the project aims to protect and monitor the local marine species in the area by engaging with the local community on different levels. There is a social network of about 50 hotels that will message the organization regarding turtle nesting activities throughout the region; the team is then able to respond and record nesting activity and take measures to protect and monitor nests. They also work closely with local fisherman to identify trends and record the different species within the area.

To compliment the research activities, the project also focuses on educating the local community; particularly through schools. They conduct various educational programmes about the importance of environmental and marine conservation.

Location of the Project

Volunteers at this project get to enjoy the beautiful warm climate and beautiful beaches of Northern Peru. The research area of the Peru Marine Conservation Project spans an 80km stretch of coastline; between the Organos and Zorritos districts in Northern Peru. The main accommodation site for this project is in Los Organos, about an hour from Talara. The project is accessible via a regional airport in Talara with international connections in Lima. Several bus lines also service this area with a variety of options both day and night.

Why the project needs volunteers

The project receives no state funding. But through volunteer support, private donations and grants, the Peru Marine Conservation project is able to continue its vital work. Volunteer with the Peru Marine Conservation project to make a huge difference! Help the project's local staff with their vital research activities. The more volunteers there are at the project, the more vital conservation work that can be carried out.

Typical Volunteer Duties

Volunteers work approximately 8 hours a day, 6 days a week with breaks for lunch. Days can vary depending on seasonality and the research activities at the time. Mornings are usually dedicated to field research. While the afternoons are used to record findings and planning/preparation for the next day’s activities.

Volunteers work closely with researchers and local staff, assisting with the various research activities being undertaken at the time. Required tasks may include:

  • Aquatic censuses of sea turtles, whale sharks and other marine mammals and animals
  • Monitoring and protection of sea turtle nesting activities (during nesting season only)
  • Collecting data from fisherman of sharks, rays and sea turtles
  • Monitoring of strandings on beaches of turtles, sea lions, dolphins and seabirds
  • Entering collected data into the database
  • Assisting with the cleaning of equipment after use and preparing equipment for the next day’s activities
  • Assisting with environmental education programmes

Please keep in mind that the activities will vary depending on the time on year due to the seasonality of the species in the area.

General volunteer hours are between 7am – 5pm. However, there is an exception for the turtle nesting research activities (nesting season is typically Aug – Jan). During this season volunteers may be required to undertake a 3 day camping expedition to a rustic stretch of beach to undertake research activities; scheduled activities during this expedition could be any time of the day or night.

Volunteers at the Peru Marine Conservation Project will be staying in up to 2 different accommodations. Accommodation depends on the research activities being done at the time of their placement.

Los Organos location

The main volunteer accommodations is located in the small beach town of Los Organos; in the Piura region in Northern Peru. Volunteers stay in clean and comfortable shared rooms. The volunteer accommodation has common areas to relax after a long day of work. The accommodation has WiFi, and is within blocks from the beach and just minutes away from local restaurants.

Meals are not provided at the project; however, there is a kitchen available at the accommodation site for use to cook meals. There are markets just minutes away to buy food to prepare your meals. Volunteers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Beach Camping at El Bravo

During turtle nesting season (Aug – Jan) the monitoring team may spend time camping on a remote beach between the towns of Mancora and Punta Sal. This is a 15km stretch of primitive beach that is unspoiled by civilization. Volunteers and researchers will camp along the shores in tents. Camping equipment & 3 meals a day will be provided (vegetarians can be catered for). Volunteers will help with cooking and campsite maintenance in addition to their other volunteer duties.

While there is no WiFi available at the camping site, the stretch of beach does have cell service; so if you obtain a local simcard you may be able to use data while at the site.

Free Time

Our local team are all very well travelled and can offer advice and help in planning the perfect itinerary for your days off or for travel before or after your volunteer placement; whether you are someone who plans your entire trip in advance or prefer to wait until you get to Peru to decide what you would like to do. The local project staff can give you plenty of tips for where to visit locally. Here are just a few of the rest of Peru’s treasures to whet your appetite.

The North of Peru

Volunteers will have one day off per week to enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery of this diverse region. Whether you wish to spend your free time relaxing or exploring there are plenty of options for everyone, including;

  • Discovering the diversity of the region with a trip to the Mangalares de Tumbes National Sanctuary (National Mangrove Sanctuary).
  • Relaxing on the white sand beaches of Punta Sal
  • Learning to surf on any of the beautiful stretches of beach
  • Obtain your diving certifications in Mancora
  • Enjoy the underwater life while snorkelling in Punta Mero
  • Relax with a mudbath in a local thermal spring
  • Explore the local towns of Tumbes, Mancora and Punta Sal
  • Visit the important pre-Inca archaelogical site, Kuelap, in the Luya province of Chachapoyas

Cusco is an amazing city with something to offer everyone! From splendid Spanish Colonial architecture and Inca Ruins to charming squares and outstanding mountain scenery. The historic centre of he city is a lively hub of cafes, restaurants and bars. Cusco also has plenty of boutiques, markets and shops offering an outstanding range of unique locally made goods. You will find plenty to keep you busy in Cusco; with so many museums, galleries, churches and monasteries to visit. Both Cusco's Incan and Catholic traditions are kept alive and frequently celebrated; with street parades, live music and food stalls springing up across the city at any excuse. Being located right in andes also provides beautiful walks and hikes around the city. Stroll along cobbled lanes amongst whitewashes houses in the Bohemian quarter of San Blas or climb high above the city to the Inca fortress at Sacsayhuaman. Take in the unrivalled views of the city and the surrounding Andes.

The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas, a must-see on anyone’s trip to Peru. Filled with magical, steep-sided valleys where fresh mountain rivers and streams tumble between ancient mountains and majestic glaciers.The Sacred Valley’s centuries-old towns and villages are home to remarkably reserved Inca forts and citadels; markets with traditional textiles and souvenirs draw visitors to lovely towns like Pisac, Chinchero and Ollantaytambo. The amazing salt terraces and pre-Inca agricultural terraces at Maras are also an easy day trip from Cusco.

Machu Picchu

Without a doubt the number one reason that so many people make the trip to Peru is to visit the incomparable wonder of Machu Picchu. No matter what you have read or how many pictures you have seen, there is nothing quite like the first time you see the Inca citadel rising high above a bend in the river with your own eyes. Machu Picchu is quite easily accessible from Cusco, with options for everyone. Either the luxury train, or enjoy the amazing journey of  the Inca Trail trek or any other number of routes all ending with lost city itself. Built, but never completed by the Incas around 1450. The Inca capital was only re-discovered in 1911. The breath-taking lost city of the Incas is now discovered by hundreds of enthralled visitors every day.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world should be on anyone's list when visiting the south of Peru. Here you can cruise around the lake or visit the famous floating Uros Islands. Or do a spot of star gazing in one of the least light-polluted skies on the planet.


You are almost certain to travel through Lima on your way to or from Peru's North, and it is well worth a stop. With excellent ocean-side shopping in the trendy district of Miraflores. Wonderful galleries and museums in Barranco. Some truly impressive Spanish colonial buildings throughout the historic centre. And amazing cuisine to be found everywhere in the city.


What’s Included;

  • Free airport pick-up from Talara regional airport.
  • Standard accommodation for the duration of your placement.
  • Free use of dive equipment (for certified divers).
  • Peru orientation guide and induction on arrival
  • Free daily transport to and from your project sites
  • In-country support from our project team and Globalteer staff.
  • All necessary project equipment and materials.
  • All necessary project training by experienced staff.
  • Project donation.
Financial Transparency

As a UK registered Charity, Globalteer is completely financially transparent to you, our donors. You can therefore see a full breakdown of where your money goes and our independently audited accounts by clicking below:

Where Your Money Goes

To discover why you should consider choosing Globalteer, please visit the following page:

About Globalteer

Why do we charge a fee for volunteering?

Globalteer requests a donation from volunteers to allow us to achieve our charitable objectives and support our partner programmes. In return, Globalteer provides volunteers with an amazing, responsible and ethical volunteer experience. Ensuring that your placement is responsible as well as rewarding, safe and enjoyable takes a good deal of work.

A summary of Globalteer’s total expenditure for the last financial year is shown below:

Donations and Grants 60% – This includes a share of volunteer placement fees, grants we have secured for our projects and donations managed by Globalteer that are made by individuals and groups to our projects and partner projects.

Support Costs 29% – This includes volunteer accommodation, volunteer transport, support staff costs, travel costs and some volunteer meals.

Operational Costs 11% – Costs of running Globalteer.

What’s not included:
  • Flights
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Meals
  • Onward transport at the end of your placement
What do everyday items cost?

The official currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol. There are approximately 4.20 Soles to the pound and 3.20 Soles to the US dollar. The cost of living in Peru is low compared to most countries in the developed world.

The costs of some typical items are: 

  • Local taxi - 3 - 6 soles
  • Meal in a market - 6 - 9 soles
  • Bottle of soft drink - 2-3 soles
  • Bottled beer - 4 - 6 soles
  • Meal in a restaurant - 10 - 50 soles
  • Local dive instruction (POW)- $375
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Peru Marine Conservation

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