Volunteering in Colombia Spotlight: Stefan

Volunteering in Colombia

I spent two weeks volunteering in Colombia with Globalteer at their Colombia Kids project. It was one of the best experiences of my life. You can really feel that your help is needed and that you really are making a difference. It's wonderful to see kids learning from you, doesn't matter if it is the English language or geographical knowledge or even some information about your home country. 

My time volunteering in Colombia has really helped me realise that even one person can make a change and make a difference in the lives of people who really need it. 

Both the Globalteer and local project staff in Medellin were so open minded, lovely and impressing; and along with all the kids made my stay one of the best experiences I have had throughout my life. I enjoyed playing around with the kids, doing some sports with them, teaching them English, helping them with homework, eating with them, taking them to cinema and just having fun and joking around.

They really appreciate everything you do with them. It was particularly great teaching them about my home country, as I could tell they were hanging off my every word! They just have a thirst for knowledge, and want to know about everything.

A Home from Home

I really felt at home during my time at the project and would suggest volunteering in Colombia to everyone. Not only will you have a wonderful time, you will also have a different experience to just the usual tourist experience and a really interesting and real perspective into the country and culture.

I want to say a huge thanks to all involved for all the wonderful, funny and touching moments. This experience will stay with me for my entire life.

Stefan, Switzerland

If you are interested in volunteering in Colombia, visit our project page for more information. Or unable to volunteer but would still like to help?? Then you can still make a donation to help the project continue it's vital work.