Volunteering in Colombia Spotlight: Stefan

Volunteering in Colombia I spent two weeks volunteering in Colombia with Globalteer at their Colombia Kids project. It was one of the best experiences of my life. You can really feel that your help is needed and that you really are making a difference. It’s wonderful to see kids learning from you, doesn’t matter if it […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca

“I have already recommended volunteering at the Colombia Kids Project to people I know. It was a great experience and I would do it again.”Rebecca is a British illustrator who volunteered for six weeks at the Colombia Kids Project in February and March 2016. Here she talks about her special time at the project. Choosing […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Simon

“Medellin, the project, and the travel that has followed have been one of the best experiences of my life, and probably always will be.”Simon, a 31 year-old British volunteer from Cheshire tells us about his two month placement in Medellin.Like any new experience you can seek out all the blogs, pictures, reviews and counsel you […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathryn

“They were two of the most fun, chaotic, exhausting hours of my life…a tiny idea and a group of kids who appreciate simple things and an adult’s undivided attention.”Kathryn, a 37 year-old project and event manager from Australia had already seen much of the world when she chose volunteering with our Colombia children’s project for […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kevin

“My volunteer trip was a life changing experience that I will never forget”When 21 year-old Kevin  undertook a six week volunteer placement with Globalteer’s Colombia Children’s project, it was the first time he had travelled outside of his native United States.But Kevin was already pretty familiar with the Colombian way of life – he has […]

Postcard from Colombia

Drugs? Coffee? That 80’s soccer dude with the crazy blonde affro? The irresistibly dizzy Gloria from hit US sitcom Modern Family? Just what is Colombia most famous for?Truth is, it’s all of the above. Which is a shame really as there is much more to Colombia than these easy clichés. And in particular there is […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Neil

“This was my 2nd Globalteer volunteer trip…”Colombia is an amazing place. Our first day with the kids at the project, we took 13 kids to the zoo. Some had never been before. We bonded with these kids and were able to discuss English names of the animals. This set the pace for the week to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Shoena

Though the overall security situation in Colombia has improved considerably in recent years, the threat of terrorism is still high in many parts of the country.”Reading the official line on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website the day before leaving made me anxious. Too late. My leave, flights and accommodation were all booked – no […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Cat

“I had a fantastic 3 months working with the staff and children at the orphanage…”I arrived in Medellin, Colombia in January with the intention of spending three months working with Globalteer on the project. When I first arrived, I had all these thoughts in my head, “Was the country safe?” being the main one and […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Tom

Don’t hesitate, go for it!During the summer of 2009, I spent five fabulous weeks in COLOMBIA! I stayed at my native girlfriend’s house in Medellin for the most part, whilst also travelling across the lush and plant-filled landscapes and trying as best as I could to immerse myself in a completely new, and rather ‘wild’ […]