Globalteer Gives Back

Globalteer Gives Back

As a UK Charity, one of Globalteer’s main objectives is to promote community programmes as well as surrounding areas through support, education, and donations. The Globalteer Gives Back campaign has been bringing smiles and donations to local schools and communities in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

Unlike more developed countries, schools in Cambodia often do not incorporate sport programs into their curriculum. Therefore, this leaves the students lacking the benefits that sports provide, including becoming more active and learning the qualities of teamwork and leadership.

Footballs for Schools

Globalteer donated scores of footballs to partner projects and local schools around Siem Reap, knowing that the students went without sports for long periods of time when footballs were not present. Theavy and Jillian from our Cambodia office began planning and coordinating the deliveries to local schools in the area. Over a number of days, the Globalteer staff and volunteers loaded up the tuk tuk and packed it full with boxes of footballs to head out for deliveries.

Despite the very bumpy roads in Cambodia, they managed to keep them all safely in the tuk tuk for the whole journey! Students and staff at the receiving schools were very thankful for the football delivery. Students immediately began playing with the footballs - there were outbreaks of spontaneous games of soccer throughout the Cambodian countryside!”

Delivering the Footballs

According to Globalteer staff member Jillian, "It was such an amazing experience to deliver the footballs to the local schools and students of Siem Reap. Their instantaneous smiles showed how excited they were to receive the footballs and to see them immediately start playing together definitely made a lasting impression on me. It was a fun experience loading the tuk tuk with footballs and hoping that they didn’t fall out while on the bumpy dirt roads! I can’t wait to see what other Globalteer Gives Back Programmes take place in the future!"

Help us help them

The Globalteer staff continued to make deliveries in the months of October and November to partner schools as well as government schools. All the students and staff receiving the footballs were very excited to receive the donations.

The holidays are approaching quickly and if you would like to make a donation to our Globalteer programmes, then please visit our website to donate! Stay tuned for more Globalteer Gives Back Programmes in the near future!

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