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Globalteer Gives Back - Cambodia Toothbrush Campaign

Globalteer has continued the Globalteer Gives Back Campaign, this time focusing on donating toothbrushes and dental hygiene education with a Cambodia Toothbrush Campaign! As a UK registered Charity, Globalteer aims to constantly give back to the communities we work with through education and donations such as the Globalteer Gives Back Campaigns and through volunteer placements.

Unfortunately, many Cambodia people do not have access to dental care or even the means to take basic care of their teeth, such a clean water or tooth brushes. Justine volunteered in Cambodia for 2 weeks last October at the Clean Water Project. She was a very passionate volunteer and in addition to her volunteer placement wanted to go even further by donating toothbrushes to the students and villages in Siem Reap. Additionally she wanted to help educate them about the proper use of the toothbrushes and importance of dental hygiene!

Preparing for the Campaign

Prior to Justine’s arrival for her volunteer placement, Jillian and Theavy from our Cambodia office assisted Justine with all the logistics for the campaign! They coordinated the deliveries, arranged translations and created posters among many other things. All that was left for Justine to do was to pack over 2,000 toothbrushes into her suitcase and head to Siem Reap for her volunteer placement and toothbrush handout. With the help of the local staff in Siem Reap the 2,000 plus toothbrushes were delivered to local schools and villages. In addition to giving out the toothbrushes Justine, with the help of some local translators, gave lessons in the importance of dental hygiene and how to brush teeth correctly, allowing the education of dental hygiene to be learned and continuously used! Along with the lessons, posters were handed out so that the students and villages could be reminded of brushing techniques and the importance of brushing their teeth daily.

Hand in Hand with Clean Water

The toothbrush initiative went hand in hand with the Cambodia Clean Water Project and the importance of clean water and hygiene in order to stay healthy. Unfortunately, water-borne illness can be deadly, preventing children from attending school and their parents from working. The project assists in preventing illness, saving lives, and protecting the likelihoods by giving rural communities access to clean drinking water.

If you have any great ideas or projects that you would like to put into action while volunteering in Cambodia like Justine then please let us know! We love creative and innovative ideas that give back and educate! Or if you are unable to volunteer but would still like to help, then you can sign up to become a monthly donor through our website.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Cambodia then visit our Volunteer in Cambodia listings.

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