Ultimate Guide to Volunteering in Peru

Peru is an enchanting and unique country. Home to the ancient Incan empire, the renowned Machu Picchu and ethereal Amazon rainforest, there's no place quite like it.

With constant mountain views, Peru is a wonderful place to connect to nature, as well as learning its rich history. Furthermore, the indigenous culture and biodiversity of Peru stands strong today. Read this ultimate guide to volunteering in Peru with Globalteer, in order to get yourself started!

Why Volunteer in Peru?

Whilst there is so much beauty and awe to this country, Peru also has its share of social issues. There are extreme levels of hardship, for example approximately twenty percent of the population live in poverty. Antiquated gender roles are still a normal part of society, especially in more rural areas, consequently women’s rights are often not prioritised. 

Children often assist in providing for their families from a young age, as a result school dropout rates are high. Furthermore, there is a need to protect and support archaic ecosystems and indigenous communities. Scattered across streets are incredibly high numbers of stray and unwell dogs. Globalteer works hard and continuously to combat these problems.

Why not visit Peru for its breath-taking beauty and culture, but also to leave something positive behind? Volunteering in Peru could be a life changing experience, not only for you, but also for the communities you may visit. This guide to volunteering in Peru will show you the best and most sustainable ways to help with us!

Students at Picaflor House, Cusco"
Volunteer group building in Cusco"

Volunteering in Peru

A recurring issue with international volunteering is the question of ethics and consequently safety. At Globalteer we confidently guarantee legitimate and secure places from which to make a difference. As well as ideal locations to explore a stunning landscape and culture. We offer a variety of volunteer programme locations and types of community support. From the Incan capital of Cusco, to the Amazon rainforest. There is something for everyone, no matter where your passion to help lies.


Kids in Cusco"
Volunteering with sloths in Peru"

Globalteer's Guide to Volunteer Opportunities

Listed below are all of our volunteer opportunities in Peru! 

Peru Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary

Our Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary is a rescue, rehabilitation and release centre. Above all, promoting and protecting the welfare of rainforest animals and the conservation of their habitat. In short, you will work with sloths, monkeys and birds in the Amazon! 

Peru Community Project

During your time in Cusco you will work alongside Globalteer staff at Picaflor House and make a difference in this magnificent city.

Peru Dog Rescue

Volunteering at our Peru dog shelter in Cusco will allow you to rehabilitate and care for abused and abandoned dogs. Above all, giving them much needed love and protection.

Peru Horse Sanctuary

Volunteering at the Peru Horse Sanctuary, will allow you to work with intelligent and beautiful rescued animals in Cusco.

Peru Amazon Conservation Project

In the spectacular Manu Biosphere you will have a variety of tasks all in pursuit of protecting the Amazon Rainforest. Most importantly this is essential ecological Conservation work in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Combine your Volunteer Placements

You can get involved in two or more ethical projects in Cusco, to make the most of your time here! Our Peru Combination Placement give you the chance to have a highly impactful visit, experiencing more of Cusco’s culture. 

Peru Marine Conservation Project

Volunteer on the Peruvian Pacific to help conserve marine ecosystems for future generations! This placement offers the opportunity to study sea turtles, whale sharks, rays and sea birds. 

Volunteers in the Amazon Rainforest"
Volunteers with the dogs in Cusco"

What is Provided for Volunteers? 

One of our offices at Globalteer is located in the heart of Cusco, on the famous Avenue de la Cultura. Depending on your chosen project, you may stay in the volunteer house in Cusco. Alternatively you may stay in one of our various volunteering accommodation spots.

Each project provides volunteers with a comfortable space to sleep, eat and relax after your day of working. As well as this, three nourishing meals a day will be provided for volunteers. Therefore, giving you a chance to try local flavours! Once you have secured a volunteering space, you can rest assured that airport pick up and transfers to the project will safely be arranged for you.

You will receive information and guidance on Peruvian life, as well as any necessary training for work to be completed. You will feel welcome and looked after by our Globalteer team. Above all, we will make sure your volunteering abroad experience is comfortable, fun and meaningful! 

Machu Picchu"
The main Plaza in Cusco"

Life in Peru

Peruvian culture is a captivating mix of old and new, modernity and tradition. There is a strong indigenous presence, combined with Hispanic society. The country is lively, and the people welcoming and kind. Furthermore, there are a million flavours on every street corner, with wonderful local food easy to come by.

A rich history exists to discover, through the abundance of guided tours offered, or simply by wandering around ancient mountainous streets. There are endless archeological sites to visit and explore, and endless histories to learn. The country is home to a variety of UNESCO world heritage sites, and famous locations, such as Vinicunca, otherwise known as Rainbow Mountain, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley, the Colca Canyon, as well as many more!

In summary, it is virtually impossible to find yourself bored here. After a week of impactful work, you will have free time to explore this incredible place. To experience the wonder of Peru, in an ethical, sustainable and relevant way, join us at Globalteer today on one of our many volunteer programmes!