Call In The Cavalry!

At Globalteer, we believe kindness and community to be essential to our cause.

We were honoured to see this extended by the veteran charity, Call In the Cavalry. Their group volunteering trip abroad to Cusco has had a great impact on our Picaflor House project!

Who are the Cavalry Volunteers?

Call In The Cavalry are a US non-profit volunteer group, focussing on inclusivity and equality. They have assembled a greenhouse structure within the grounds of the Picaflor House project in Oropesa, Peru. The generous funding of this project is a very welcome addition at Globalteer!

Their charitable efforts provide a fun and heartfelt space for fellowship and fulfilling work; vital for military veterans. In addition they enhance opportunity, health and alliance within the communities which they visit. Above all, serving a greater purpose is at the heart of their work, which has been achieved.

Moreover, the veterans also provided essential education and gardening supplies. As well as some more fun bits and pieces, such as footballs and remote-control cars for play time! 


Why Build a Greenhouse in Peru?

We communicate with project areas to address what is most important. We have listened to local communities, and identified a necessity for food security. The greenhouse was assembled with the generous help of local workers, with Call In The Cavalry volunteering alongside them for a few days during their stop in Cusco. As a result, Picaflor attendees now have a space to sustainably grow fruits and vegetables, more things to learn about, and more ways to have fun after school!


Lunch programme Peru"
Group volunteering at a Peru NGO"

Essential Nutrition for the kids

Thanks to the work of the veterans and local crew, our team will now use this space to work with children to nurture and grow crops. Moreover, we will use the harvest’s to feed pupils in line with the Lunch & Nutrition programmes. As a result, providing children with a varied, healthy diet. Many of the children abroad we work with do not have access to this diet at home, and often show up to class having missed meals.

By providing at least one nutritional and sustainable meal a day, we are making a positive difference. Without proper nutrients, concentration is much more difficult, and learning much harder! We are delighted to have created a project which will improve the overall health and strength of our wonderful Picaflor children. As well as general health, we hope to see the nature of gardening teach children key lessons in patience and awareness.

Subsequently, these lessons will become transferrable into understandings of overall educational success; teaching children to nurture the seeds of learning and watch them blossom into something wonderful.

Thank you to the volunteers!"
Volunteer build project in Peru"

Making a real change abroad as a volunteer group

Call In The Cavalry have extended their prominent sense of teamwork and camaraderie to Picaflor students. Children will work together to grow nourishing crops, improving kids' health in a rural area where nutritional diversity is limited.

In choosing to conduct their annual international project at Picaflor, the project's aims, outcomes and achievements have been strengthened. The Globalteer team along with all of our Picaflor students extend our gratitude to Call In The Cavalry. We invite you to join us in volunteering abroad, and make a real change!