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Volunteer Spotlight: Ann

“A truly remarkable and unforgettable adventure”

Ann is a retired teacher from the UK who volunteered at Globalteer’s Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary Project in July and August 2015.

Here, she talks about her experience assisting with the project’s animal conservation and rehabilitation programme and explaining why volunteering was a special experience where she learnt a lot about some of the most endangered animals in Asia.

Choosing Globalteer

After 30 years of teaching I decided I needed a big adventure to celebrate my retirement. I booked through Globalteer to work in a wildlife rescue centre in Sulawesi Indonesia. It turned out to be so much more than I imagined, with more blood, sweat, tears, laughter and hope for the future of our planet than I could ever have thought possible.

Working with wildlife, I had hoped to be part of their release to their natural habitat. Sustainable safe habitats are now so difficult to identify that the release of primates who have been stolen from their parents back to the wild is rare.

Working with endangered animals

I worked with sun bears, orangutans and exotic birds. The sun bears captured my heart, and the orangutans amazed me with their problem solving skills.

Carrying fruit and water in 90% humidity was physically challenging, but I am now fitter and more patient with my grandchildren when they, just like the sun bears, decide they are going to stay in the bath for half an hour longer despite your efforts to change the water.

A life changing experience

I donated more than a little blood to the mosquito population, and shared laughter and tears with volunteers that will remain in my memories as bright candles in the darkness of one possible future of our planet. A truly remarkable and unforgettable adventure!

You too can have an unique experience like Ann by volunteering at the Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary today!