Globalteer expands to Laos

Globalteer is excited to announce the expansion of our wildlife conservation volunteer programme to include Laos – one of South East Asia’s most beautiful, laid back and unexplored countries!

Volunteers can now be at the forefront of wildlife conservation in South East Asia and work with a range of endangered and exotic animals by signing-up to provide much needed help at Laos’ first and only official release centre.

Jen Dues, Regional Manager Southeast Asia, explains the importance of the centre and the work volunteers will be doing,

“The Laos Wildlife Sanctuary is a rescue, rehabilitation and release centre dedicated to protecting animals saved from the illegal wildlife trade, which sees thousands of protected animals traded through Laos every day.”

“The centre is critical to conservation efforts in South East Asia, as without our partner project local authorities wouldn’t be able to enforce wildlife laws, and rescued animals wouldn’t have a safe location to go to for their rehabilitation, and release where possible.”

“Volunteers will play a vital role in the conservation efforts of the people of Laos by supporting the welfare of the rescued animals and the day to day running of the project, including helping in the wildlife hospital and quarantine centre.”

Currently the sanctuary is home to exotic birds, sun and moon bears, deer, gibbons, macaques, lorises, civets, an elephant, leopards, crocodiles and binturongs.  

To read more about this exciting project, or to get involved today, head to our Laos Wildlife Sanctuary page.