FAQs Colombia Kids Project

Colombia Kids Project FAQs

Medellin deserves its nickname “City of Eternal Spring”. With its close proximity to the equator and altitude of 1500mts, the temperature hovers between 18c (64f) and 26c (79f) throughout the year. There are no seasons, but there tends to be more rainfall from March to May and September to November.
Yes, in fact we actively encourage it! Colombia is a beautiful country and we wish you to experience its culture, history and people. You will have two days free per week which can be spent in the city or away at another location in Colombia. Long term volunteers can arrange extra time off with the volunteer coordinator.
You will be volunteering for approximately 6 hours per day, 5 days per week. We can be flexible with your time as required - for example you may wish to have 3 consecutive days to explore another city in Colombia. Volunteers who are also here to study can work less hours.
The common language for Globalteer staff and volunteers at this project is English. Colombia is a Spanish speaking country so it is beneficial, but not required, to be able to speak some Spanish. However, most employees at the foundations only speak Spanish. Globalteer provide free Spanish classes to help volunteers immerse themselves into the culture.
The majority of volunteers are from the UK, United States, Canada and Australia. We also place volunteers from Holland, Germany, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand although all nationalities are welcome. The majority of volunteers travel alone to the projects, although we also accommodate couples and groups.
Internet cafes are available in Medellin as well as telephone and postal services. The hostel has computers and WiFi internet available.
Your accommodation will be in a hostel in the city of Medellin. The hostel provides accommodation ranging from dormitory rooms to en-suite private rooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen, high speed internet access, television room with cable and free DVDs. The friendly owner has all the knowledge of the town and Colombia and hosts weekly BBQs to meet new people. Half of the rooms in the hostel are private rooms to provide a more peaceful stay.
Medellin has a variety of international restaurants in the city. The local food will be typical Colombian meals including beef, pork, chicken or fish, with rice, fried banana, beans, eggs and salad and a fantastic variety of fruits and juices. Vegetarian options are available in Medellin but Colombians are true carnivores. Globalteer does not provide food at this project.
Of course, but we request that you use common sense. Alcohol is not permitted whilst with the children and smoking must be done out of their sight as you are role models and influential to the children. There are many bars and clubs in Medellin for you to indulge when away from the children.
The currency in Colombia is the Colombian Peso. Many ATMs are available in Medellin for all major credit cards. Credit cards are accepted in higher end businesses.
Firstly, forget everything you know about Colombia, as it is probably old news by now. Colombia has had a remarkable turnaround in security. Medellin is now one of Latin America’s safest big cities. Colombia still has its problems and there are regions that are too dangerous to visit. Nobody goes to these areas so you are unlikely to accidentally plan a trip to a dangerous region. As with any large city there are areas that it would not be advisable to visit after dark. Just think of your local major city and you will know where not to go late at night. Medellin is no different. This is still not a problem as you will be told those areas on arrival. There are plenty of areas in Medellin that are safe and plenty of people walk freely at night, enjoying the amazing nightlife the city has to offer. For more information, visit our International Travel Advice Page
We recommend that you let your health professional know that you will be volunteering with children from impoverished backgrounds and discuss the various vaccination options. For more information, visit our International Travel Advice Page
Finding the right insurance to cover your travels can be daunting, confusing and time-consuming, however – travel insurance is a must. You never know what could happen, and if you are unlucky enough to get ill or find yourself in a sticky situation, being uninsured can be really expensive and downright dangerous. This is why we strongly recommend that all our volunteers take out suitable travel insurance. We also recommend that your purchase your insurance and soon as you book your trip to cover you for all up-front costs in the event of cancellation due to any unforeseen circumstances. Globalteer has formed a partnership with a leading travel insurance provider to help you through this process.
Please visit our page about visas for information about entry visas.
Colombians dress similarly to people in the US or Europe so your normal clothing will be suitable for this project.
Even in super friendly Colombia, the Paisas (people from Medellin) are known for their friendliness and warmth. Colombians shake hands on meeting. If you know a person then one kiss on the cheek is exchanged between opposite sexes and between females on meeting and departure.
No, English classes are basic English in small groups of children. Teaching resources are provided as well as DVDs and educational games.
Yes, on arrival you will receive orientation from our project coordinator, giving local information and advice. Basic training will be given to ensure you achieve the project objectives.
You will be picked up at Medellin international airport and taken to your accommodation. If you arrive overland then we will supply you with directions to the hostel and you will need to make your own way there.
Globalteer is fully committed to ensuring that your volunteer placement is responsible. More information can be found on our Responsible Volunteering Page.
As a UK registered Charity, Globalteer is financially transparent, our accounts are independently audited and posted online. You can read a full report on where your money goes here.
We understand what motivates volunteers and what makes a memorable volunteer experience. We have been placing volunteers at our projects since 2006 and have built up a wealth of knowledge in those years about what makes volunteering rewarding for volunteers as well as impactful for the fantastic projects we work with. You can read here why we think you should choose Globalteer.