Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia helping at Community and Animal Rescue Projects

Volunteer in Cambodia Ethically and Responsibly with a UK registered Charity. At Globalteer we dedicated ourselves to supporting sustainable Community and Animal Rescue projects. Join us and volunteer to help projects work towards a better future!

Volunteer in Cambodia!

You have so many volunteer opportunities in Cambodia! So which one will you choose? You can help teach English at a our very own Helping Hands School. Always working alongside our wonderful local staff. Also you can help with community development projects: build water filters to provide access to safe, clean drinking water to the people of Cambodia! Like gardening? Join our Food and Farming project to test your skills and provide a nutritious breakfast daily to children.

You can even volunteer with Elephants or Bears at one of our animal sanctuaries! Why not learn about the Indigenous Bunong people and work to help the preserve their traditional was of life. Can't choose just one project?? Then ask us about how you can combine your volunteer placements!

When you volunteer in Cambodia not only will you get an unforgettable volunteer adventure; you will also be perfectly situated to explore some of the great wonders of Asia, including Angkor Wat!

Check out the projects below to find out more about these amazing volunteer opportunities in Cambodia.

Lets Get Started on your Journey Volunteering in Cambodia!

Cambodia Community Project
The Community Project in Siem Reap works with carefully selected education focused projects. Also Globalteer's own rural school which gives free education to almost 300 children.
Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary
The Elephant Sanctuary resides at the head of a beautiful jungle valley in Eastern Cambodia. Providing rescued elephants with the most natural living environment possible.
Cambodia Sports Project
The Cambodia Sports Project delivers sporting programmes to disadvantaged kids who would normally have access to them. The programmes help kids grow and develop through sports by teaching them essential skills such as teamwork, fair play & leadership!
Cambodia Clean Water project
The Clean Water Project tackles some of the deadliest problems of poverty by addressing a root cause - lack of clean drinking water. By giving communties access to clean, disease-free drinking water the risks of illness are significantly reduced.
Cambodia Cat & Dog Welfare

Help care for rescued street animals at the Cambodia Cat &a Dog Welfare Project. In addition to caring for these rescued animals, the project focuses heavily on improving the general welfare of animals in Cambodia.

The Bear Rescue Sanctuary
The Bear Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of bears poached for bear bile farms, traditional medicines, exploited as pets, used for profit within the tourist industry or rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.
Food and Farming Project
The Food and Farming Project works with carefully selected partner projects on their innovative sustainable food programmes. The project also provides cheap and healthy food to families and children in Siem Reap.
Cambodia Indigenous People
This Indigenous People Project aims to help the Bunong people of Cambodia protect and preserve their culture and traditional ways of life that are currently under threat from modernization.
Combine Projects in Siem Reap
The Combination Placement allows you to combine placements at two or more of our Siem Reap projects. By volunteering with multiple community projects you can spread the love a little further!