Interning Abroad with Globalteer

Gain Valuable Experience Interning Abroad with Globalteer

Whether it is a requirement for your University degree, you are looking to beef up your resume, exploring a career change or are just looking for a change of scenery; interning abroad provides an invaluable experience. In addition to gaining valuable experience, interning abroad exposes you to new cultures and experiences, as well opening you up to a wealth of new opportunities.

Kayla Recently spent 2 months as our Communications and Marketing Intern, based in our Cusco office. Continue reading to find out what it's like interning with Globalteer.

Starting with Globalteer

I first heard about Globalteer through my friend Jillian, who was working in the Globalteer's Cambodia office at the time. As I was travelling through South-East Asia I was fortunate enough to be in Cambodia and be able to meet with Chris, the Operations Director, in person to discuss internship opportunities. I was lucky enough to gain the Communications Internship position based in Cusco. I chose this internship because I want to work in International Development after achieving my Masters degree. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn about how a Charity like Globalteer runs and operates and also what it is like to work for a Charity in a different country.

As I was travelling through Thailand before heading to Cusco I was offered the opportunity to start my internship by visiting the Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary and write my first official intern blog about my experience at the sanctuary. My experience there was amazing and it allowed me to learn more about the organization, the project and why the work they do is so important. 


A Typical Day in Cusco

Once I arrived in Cusco I hit the ground running; getting stuck into my various responsibilities. As the Communications intern my primary duties were assisting with communications aspects for Globalteer. I took on the task of managing social media and researching ways to reach more potential volunteers and looking at different statistics related to social media. I was also  responsible for writing blog posts about volunteers and ones designed to educate and raise awareness of important issues such as Elephant riding and Bear Bile Farms.

While a lot of my time was spent in the office, I also got the opportunity to go to the local projects to learn more about them and see how volunteers at the project, and the project in general, were making a real difference, as well as taking pictures and videos to use for future social media posts. I also got to assist with volunteer arrivals in Cusco; welcoming them to Peru and helping them settle in. I was also lucky enough to be around when a group from Canada came for a cultural exchange.


Life in Cusco

I did not know much about Peru before I arrived, I took a couple Spanish lesson but felt confident that I would be able to adjust well to living abroad. Cusco is a vibrant city that has a bustling central plaza surrounded by historical churches, Inca ruins and cute cafes to relax in, and many markets to explore. I found a new favourite food, lomo saltado, a beef and rice based Peruvian dish, and I discovered a few favourite cafes to spend my weekends in. I also loved that Cusco is also a great place to take day trips from; with Inca ruins all around; some less than an hour away. Of course it a great starting point before you embark on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or Rainbow Mountain.  In addition to the friendly staff at Globalteer, there are also lots of expats and travellers to meet at pubs, cafes, or trivia nights.

It may seem challenging at first, to live in a new country, learn a new language and try out a different lifestyle, but who doesn’t love a good challenge? You will learn so much while interning abroad and it will give you the chance to have an unforgettable adventure.

Interning Abroad with Globalteer

We have several opportunities to intern abroad in both our Cambodia office and Cusco office. Check out our internships page to see our available opportunities. By becoming a Globalteer Intern you will gain invaluable experience with a UK Charity, and open yourself up to a wealth of new opportunities.

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