A growing family & a new home for our Peru Dogs!

It has been a big couple of months in Peru for the Cusco Dog Shelter!

The project has recently undertaken a move to a new location. This is no easy task with so many dogs; a lot of hard work has gone into getting the new location ready & getting the dogs settled into their new home.

The land had to be cleared ready, then it was the huge task of building the new shelters for the dogs along with areas for storage and an area to prepare their food. The great news is that the new location is a lot bigger! Which means there is more room for the dogs to run around and play – and the shelter can take more dogs in, plus room for more volunteers! 

The Cusco Dog Shelter Family

The capacity to take in more dogs came at a critical time, as the family at the shelter has also recently grown. After the unfortunate passing of another local shelter owner, the Cusco Dog Shelter took in her 13 dogs & 7 cats so they would not end up back on the streets. The new additions are settling in well and enjoying the love and attention from volunteers.

Another part of the family at the shelter is Champion. He was rescued after being poisoned by his previous owner. Unfortunately the poison destroyed his nervous system and caused him a lot of problems. He is very shy and timid and does not like to be around other dogs. The director at the shelter has been caring for him very closely, and he is slowly becoming less timid. We are hoping with time and a lot of love he will become comfortable enough to play with other dogs.

With the increase in size of the new shelter and the growing numbers, now’s the time to get volunteering.  The main aim of the project is to nurture maltreated, malnourished dogs back to health through treatment and care from veterinary students and volunteers – and where possible, placed in to adoptive homes. If you would like to volunteer or find out more information on how you can help these pooches, click here.