Volunteer Spotlight: Hannah

My time spent volunteering at Globalteer's Peru Dog Rescue Project will be remembered for the rest of my life. Many aspects contributed to this wonderful experience and it is a project I would encourage one to take part in.

The owners of the shelter, Anyelo and Maite, have the biggest hearts and treat the dogs as if they were their own children. They put dogs first, no matter what the circumstances are. Never have I worked with people of such humility and compassion. They were inspirational and I felt honoured to be volunteering at their shelter.

Dogs are such loyal and forgiving creatures. This was emphasized every day whilst volunteering. Each dog has some sort of trauma/negative history and, yet, every morning when you arrived at the shelter you would be welcomed with much excitement and doggy kisses. It's difficult not to fall in love with the furry friends, as each one had a unique character. 

Two things to know about the actual work: 

1. It is very busy

2. It gets very very dirty! When we weren't cleaning enclosures, dusting out blankets, washing bowls, applying flea treatment, scrubbing tubs or preparing for feeding time, we were socializing with the dogs and learning about their histories. You'd leave the shelter looking like a mess with clothes covered in mud and head full of dust. All the hard work resulted in happy and full dogs; all able to sleep in a clean enclosure with fresh water for the afternoon and evening. That alone made it all worth it.

Getting to know the other volunteers was another enjoyable aspect. Having a common love for dogs makes the friend-making process a whole lot easier. I left Cusco with a fuller contact book and wonderful new friendships, all which made me grow in so many ways. 

I'm so grateful to have done this project through Globalteer and thank them for looking after me so well throughout my entire stay in Peru. An additional thank you for supporting the shelter by not only providing them with volunteers but for also giving them a portion of the fees we pay. I'm happy to know that both my hard work and money is going to a worthy cause. I look forward to participating in another Globalteer Project in the future. 

Thanks for everything!


Please follow the link if you want to Volunteer with Dogs in Peru and make a real difference to the lives of rescued dogs of Cusco!