Globalteer Intern visits the Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary!

Elephant Rescue Project in Thailand

Say hello to our new Globalteer Intern, Kayla! She had a chance to visit the Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary last week and had an amazing time at the beautiful and modern Elephant Rescue Project in Thailand located in Chiang Rai!

Kayla arrived at the bus station early evening, where she was picked up by project staff and taken to the sanctuary to settle in. After dinner she was lucky enough to get to view the elephants before it started getting dark. She then retreated to her on-site accommodation for the night where she knew she would be able to see the elephants from her room when she woke up in the morning!

After the onsite breakfast with other volunteers, Kayla headed out to view the elephants. She then got to do a job she has never done before or likely ever to do again... assisting the staff and volunteers in cleaning elephant poop!!! The volunteers and staff then worked on breakfast for the elephants. The work was tough but important, so that the sanctuary could remain running and the elephants free from their past work lives.

Feeding the Elephants

Feeding the elephants was such a fun experience for Kayla. She learned exactly what she needed to do from the sanctuary staff - only one banana at a time per elephant! She learned quickly that this would not be easy! All of a sudden, the banana that was in her hand would magically disappear!

Lastly, Kayla headed to the water to observe the elephants during their bath time. The elephants thoroughly enjoying the dark muddy water and it was mesmerizing to watch! After the baths were complete it was time for Kayla to end her quick visit, say goodbye to the elephants and head back to continue on her journey!

Upon leaving the sanctuary Kayla stated, "I really enjoyed my time as a volunteer at the elephant sanctuary. It was a unique experience that taught me a lot about these amazing animals. Especially the efforts we need to make to keep them safe and present on our planet. My favourite part was sitting in a bungalow out in the middle of the sanctuary just watching the elephants walk around, eat, and play in the water. It was relaxing but also mesmerizing to be there."

Click the link if you want to volunteer at the amazing Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary and help these graceful creatures.