Mother and baby rescued by Thailand Elephant Project

Baby Elephant Rescue

If you are going to the Thailand Elephant Sanctuary soon, then get ready to meet Princess, the newest and smallest rescue at the sanctuary.

The project has welcomed Princess and her mother, Apple, after they rescued them from a nearby elephant camp. Eight month old Princess was found in chains and ‘for sale’. It wouldn’t have been long until this little family was broken up for good if the sanctuary hadn’t got to them in time.

Mother and baby have now arrived at their new home at the Thailand Elephant Sanctuary. On their first day they went to the lake for a bath and were introduced to Thongdee, one of the resident elephants at the sanctuary who loves babies and had two herself in the past. They immediately accepted each other and their small family now has an extended member!

Princess’s chains will soon be removed, although she still needs to be connected by rope to her mother. On arrival at the sanctuary, she runs after everyone that she sees, and is scared of cows!

In Thailand, there are no laws to prevent the sale, abuse and maltreatment of elephants. This means a sustainable rescue centre like the Thailand Elephant Sanctuary is vital to the welfare of elephants. This baby elephant rescue is just one example of the wonderful work at the elephant sanctuary.

If you would like to get involved and help elephants like Apple and Princess to enjoy a happier life, head to our Thailand Elephant Sanctuary webpage. This page contains everything you will need to know about volunteering at the sanctuary. Also all the answers to questions we get asked by potential volunteers, general information about the conservation of Asian elephants.

We also have a blog where you can meet other elephants at the sanctuary.