Globalteer joins movement to safeguard children

We are delighted to announce that Globalteer has been accepted as an associate membership of UK charity Keeping Children Safe, in recognition of our commitment to safeguarding and child safety.

Keeping Children Safe is a global network of member organisations who work together to ensure the protection of children against violence, abuse and exploitation. Being part of Keeping and Children Safe means that we have access to expert advice and resources which will enable us to improve our child safety standards even further and work towards becoming full members, joining the likes of Save The Children, Plan International and The British Council.

Inadequate child safeguarding is one of the reasons volunteer travel often gets a bad press and can deter many excellent volunteers. The work of charities like Keeping Children Safe makes it much easier for people to choose who they volunteer with, safe in the knowledge that they are volunteering responsibly.

General Manager Jim Elliott explained why joining Keeping Children Safe is such an important step for Globalteer.

“The safety of the children at the projects we work with has always been our highest priority so we are very pleased to join Keeping Children Safe. It’s quite alarming to see the rise in volunteering opportunities that don’t have proper child protection practices in place, so organisations like Keeping Children Safe have a really important part to play in protecting children everywhere. And we are very happy to be part of it.”

All Globalteer staff and volunteers who come into contact with children are background checked and undergo free training in child protection awareness.

We’d also like to thank everyone who supported our fundraiser which raised almost US$15,000. Plans are afoot for a similar prize draw later this year so watch this space as you too could be on your way to Cusco or Siem Reap…

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