Volunteer Spotlight: Jeanette

Volunteer Reviews for the Thailand Animal Sanctuary

Jeanette volunteered at the Sanctuary for 8 weeks. Read Jeanette's and other volunteer reviews about the Thailand sanctuary... 

I spent over three months in Thailand. I can say without question, the two months I spent at the Thailand Animal Sanctuary was the most fun I had. The work is rewarding and although you have no hands-on contact with the animals you don’t need it. Just watching them interact with each other and enjoying the food and enrichments you give them is enough.

Rewarding Experiences

Even participating in constructions jobs with no animal contact can end up giving you some of the most rewarding experiences of your stay. Watching the baby bears go into the new large enclosure that I had help work on is a thrill I will never forget. You work a six-day week, which might sound a lot, but you find that the work is so enjoyable that you don’t want a day off. I would only make it until about 11am on my day off before I was asking if I there was any painting to do or if I could help with any extra work, and there is always extra work to do if you are willing.

There is a daily changing roster with jobs such as feeding primates, sweeping and cleaning cages and enclosures, changing water bottles, enrichments, feeding and cleaning after the bears plus some more specialised job that you might get to do if you a planning a longer stay. I was given the opportunity of looking after the quarantine animals, which includes the infant gibbons. Watching them play all day is a pleasure.

Giving the animals a better life

Most of the animals at the centre have had a pretty hard early life. The centres main goal is to give them a better life. Encouraging them to start acting as they would in the wild and forming bonds with their own species.

There are new arrivals all the time. Watching a langur that has never even seen another of its kind being introduced into a langur group was amazing. Seeing them start hugging and grooming in minutes makes you realise the importance of the work at the sanctuary. It is amazing how much pleasure you can get from working to make these animals lives a little better. From the big jobs of building a new enclosure to small things like gathering fresh leaves for them to eat. I would recommend this project to anyone, I know I for one would go back and volunteer again."

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