Meet Jeanette, our new Peru team member

Globalteer is delighted to welcome Jeanette Shepherd to our Cusco office in Peru where she is taking on the role of Administrator and Marketing Officer.

Originally from Australia, Jeanette has already lived on five continents – with only Antarctica and Europe left to add to the list. She last left home back in July 2012 but admits to having no plans to return for a while yet. Which is just fine by us!

As well as being a seasoned world traveller, Jeanette has been heavily involved in the charity sector for many years - from studying non-profit management in Canada and working with AusAID in China to volunteering with animal shelters in Spain and Guatemala. She’s also done her fair share of rather adventurous fund-raising in her time too – once driving 12,000 miles for charity in the Mongol Rally and crossing India in a tuk-tuk!

Jeanette loves living in Cusco, particularly wandering the pretty cobbled colonial streets, browsing in the markets of the old town and hiking in the hills that surround the city.

She claims that Cusco has a pretty good live music scene too –be sure to ask for her top tips when you get to Cusco - and loves stumbling upon a lively street fiesta when least expecting it.

When we asked Jeanette what she liked about her role at Globalteer she replied,

"Globalteer’s mission aligns with my personal areas of interest, especially animal welfare and community development, and working Globalteer allows me to continue my advocacy of these important causes, while also supporting people from around the world to start or increase their own passion in these areas.

"I enjoy being able to support volunteers in connecting with projects and causes that they are really passionate about, and thereby helping our projects get the donations and support they need to bring long-term benefits to their communities”.

As well as assisting with all things related to marketing and communications, Jeanette also joins the team that handles volunteer applications for our Latin America and Southeast Asia projects and is one of our friendly on-the-ground staff who make sure that Globalteer volunteers in Cusco have a rewarding and impactful volunteering experience.

So one way or another the chances are high that you will be dealing with Jeanette, either by e-mail or if you are taking up placement at one of our Cusco based projects.