Volunteer Spotlight: David

American David Schwartz, 52, volunteered with Globalteer's Peru Children's Project at Picaflor House for three weeks in January 2012. When we asked him if we could tell his story on our website his response was pretty emphatic: “I would be happy to share this experience with anyone”. Here is his story:

“I have wanted to do something that was less physical and more intellectual as a volunteer for a while. I have done physical volunteering, helping build things, but not teaching. I looked on the internet to see what various opportunities were available and I liked what Globalteer was doing at Picaflor House. The opportunity to go to Peru really appealed to me – it’s somewhere fascinating and it helped that I have some rudimentary Spanish skills.

"Travelling to Cusco is a long trip and I had to overnight in Lima. I was met by the driver at Cusco airport which was great, so it went fairly well, even if my luggage didn’t arrive with me and got there 7 hours later! When I finally arrived everything was better than I had expected. The accommodation was nothing special but it was close to the central Plaza which was nice and getting the bus and the walk to the bus stop were great.

"The eagerness of the children to learn was the highlight of my experience and I think my ability to show them that I was truly interested in them and helping them to learn probably had the biggest impact on them. Also, I speak some Spanish so I was able to communicate with them OK.

"Leaving was an emotionally hard thing to do. It was an amazing experience both in terms of the teaching opportunity and the country. I will definitely do this type of thing again although probably not in Peru - as there are so many places to go in the world! I would possibly volunteer at another Globalteer Project though”.