Volunteer Spotlight: Cloe

I always wanted to do voluntary work with children abroad – I am a primary school teacher – and I also saw projects in South America as an opportunity to practice my Spanish. After some research I found Globalteer’s Peru Community Project, set in the beautiful mountainous area of Oropesa near Cusco.When I went to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Mary

British volunteer Mary Richards had never really considered volunteering before she decided to come to Peru to work with Globalteer at Picaflor House, our community project just outside Cusco. Bringing up two children and working full time always meant that precious holiday time was usually spent recharging the batteries for two weeks before getting back […]

Volunteer Spotlight: David

American David Schwartz, 52, volunteered with Globalteer’s Peru Children’s Project at Picaflor House for three weeks in January 2012. When we asked him if we could tell his story on our website his response was pretty emphatic: “I would be happy to share this experience with anyone”. Here is his story:“I have wanted to do […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Christine

Deciding to volunteer at Globalteer’s Picaflor House near Cusco in Peru was not a snap decision for English woman Christine. She first came across the Globalteer website in 2010, at a time when she was searching for meaning and direction in her life following the loss of her husband.  She made a mental note of […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kiri

Kiri was just 18 when she volunteered at Globalteer’s Peru Children’s Project at Picaflor House for two months in 2011. Inspired by her godparents’ tales of South America and Cusco, and encouraged by her godmother’s accounts of volunteering with Globalteer in Cambodia, the decision to volunteer with the children at Picaflor was an easy one […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Erika

Erika volunteered at Globalteer’s Peru Children’s Project at Picaflor House near Cusco for two weeks in 2011. In her early twenties, Erika lives in Texas but is originally from Peru, so had an idea of what to expect from her trip.Her ambition is to work full time with children in the future so she saw […]