Volunteer Spotlight: Beata

The centre and the animals have really touched my heart...

I’m sitting here pondering about how to express my experience at the centre in just a couple of sentences. And my conclusion is: It’s impossible! So many things happen in just one single day, so many impressions and feelings. What I can say is that it has been an incredibly emotional and educating time.

I feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity to work so closely with these animals and to actually feel that I’m helping them to get a better life. Many of them are very damaged by people and to actually be a part of a daily routine where you get to help them, is truly rewarding. However I do think that one should be aware that this is not a clean and cuddly job, but that the work is very hard and that the animals are wild, damaged and not pets. If one is here with that in mind and really wanting to make a difference, then the experience at this place will be rewarding beyond words.

The center isn’t a “petting zoo”, it is a rescue centre where the animals come first at all times. I will carry a lot of warm memories back home. How Ting Tong- the crazy macaque and Smokey the beautiful macaque both loved their food, how Ollie the otter squeaked with joy when he got to play with water, how Pom, the baby bear grew in front of my eyes. There are just too many things to mention and since I’m getting all misty eyed writing this, I’ll just wrap it up with the following: The centre and the animals have really touched my heart. I feel lucky to have spent my 8 weeks here and I just can’t believe that I’m leaving in two days. I’ll just have to say like Arnold: I’ll be back!!