‘Super Sunday’ sees Globalteer staff raise over $3,500 for projects

Seven of Globalteer’s fantastic staff in Cambodia and Peru took to the roads of Angor and the Andes last weekend, covering an impressive 114Km (70 miles) between them to raise money for Globalteer’s Cambodia Community, Peru Community and Cambodia Sports projects.  

In Cambodia, Jen Dues – Regional Manager for Southeast Asia (above, centre), Lisa Morris – Project Manager for our community project in Siem Reap (above, right) and Rebecca Berentsen – Siem Reap Volunteer Coordinator (above, left) joined elite athletes from around the world to compete in the 10k race at the Annual Angkor Wat Half Marathon Series.

The heat is on!

After weeks of training the terrific trio were understandably nervous as they set out early in the morning to tackle the gruelling course. Temperatures were forecast to hit 90F (32C) with 90% humidity. First-time distance runner Lisa told us,

“The atmosphere was amazing, with 8,000 runners competing for different distances. It was inspiring to see all ages and abilities - from groups of Cambodian teenagers running for fun to serious athletes hoping to set records. I tried to distract myself with people-watching and forget about the hour long struggle that lay ahead!"

Rebecca added, "It was an amazing experience from start to finish and despite the sweltering heat, it was great fun running along side Jen and Lisa - we kept each other's spirits and confidences up. What kept us going was knowing we were sweating it out for the projects that the whole Globalteer team works hard for every day."

Beautiful backdrop

The course of the race takes runners through the beautiful Angkor Archaeological Park, the magical backdrop of thousand-year old Khmer temples inspiring competitors to dig deep and keep going despite the harsh conditions.

Globalteer’s unstoppable team all completed the race in very respectable times and as a result have so far raised over $2800 (£1789) for Globalteer’s Cambodian projects. After the race, Jen said,

“Living in Cambodia has given me a lot of perspective and appreciation for the opportunities I've had.  Raising money for the run to support our projects was a great way to recognize that we all have a little bit to give back.  It was hot and sweaty, but well worth it!”

If you are a keen runner and are thinking of volunteering with us in Cambodia, why not join us next December and help raise money for more good causes?

Meanwhile in Peru...

As Globalteer’s Cambodian athletes were battling the heat and humidity in Siem Reap, on the other side of the world our Cusco-based team were gasping for oxygen as they undertook a high altitude half-marathon in the Peruvian Andes.

The team of Regional Manager Chris Bannister, Development Manager, Eliza Wethey and our two trusty Admin and Marketing Assistants Zach Leonardi and Laura Hoskins braved the intense sun, breathtakingly thin air and thundering traffic as they covered the thirteen miles between Cusco and the village of Oropesa, home to Globalteer’s Peru Community Project.

Any kind of physical exertion in high altitude Cusco is challenging, with the body having to work almost twice as hard as it does at sea level. So our intrepid team of half-marathoners actually put in as much effort as it takes regular humans to do a full marathon!

Just a few battle scars...

With the exception of a few angry blisters on their feet and a touch of sunburn, the team all arrived safely in Oropesa to be met by Globalteer’s General manager, Jim Elliott, who had unfortunately had to pull out of the challenge at the last minute due to a suspected broken foot!

So far the team’s efforts have raised a fantastic $800 (£505) for the Peru Community project, and General Manager Jim will be doing his part to boost funds further just as soon as his foot is healed. So watch his space…

Self-confessed outdoor pursuits fanatic Chris said after completing the distance,

"What an amazing way to see Cusco! This has to be one of the more interesting courses I've ever covered. The route took us through 13 miles of varying neighbourhoods - farmers’ fields, swamps, along rivers, highways, railroad tracks and back country roads.  It definitely brought a whole new meaning to the term cross-country but more importantly it provided a renewed perspective of all the different ways in which we can help!"

If you would like to walk (or run) in the footsteps of our Peruvian team and volunteer with us in Cusco please visit our Peru Community Project and Peru Street dog Rescue Project pages.