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Volunteering Abroad Reviews

Read reviews from our volunteers working at community, conservation and animal projects abroad.

Authentic reviews that you can find on facebook, google and other websites. As a registered charity, our volunteers are important to us, so we make sure they are well cared for, useful and fulfilled in their overseas volunteer placements.

We are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our volunteers and wish to share with you their volunteering experiences with Globalteer.

If you are in the process of choosing a volunteer abroad program, then why not check out our article on how to choose a volunteer organisation.

Here are just a few of the reviews and feedback Globalteer receives. We hope you enjoy them and are inspired to follow the footsteps of thousands of volunteers that have supported Globalteer's overseas projects.

Volunteers in Thailand

I had a great time in Thailand, and volunteering at the elephant sanctuary was definitely the highlight. It is such a beautiful place to spend time and the elephants have a great natural environment to live in. The elephants come first at the sanctuary which is correct in my view. I have seen other places where the elephants are used in tourism and they are treated badly. I was happy that I found this place after lots of research. Def recommend this one if you want to help out at a real elephant sanctuary.
Cindy volunteered at the Thailand Elephant Sanctuary, you can read her review on GoAbroad

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with Globalteer at the Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary! It was amazing being at this sanctuary and if you love being outdoors with animals then I highly recommend this one. One of the best things about this sanctuary is that you can stay overnight! It is incredible to see the elephants before you turn in for the night and then watch them get bathed in the morning as you eat your breakfast. This trip was very well organized by Globalteer. The sanctuary is small but it gives you the chance to really see the animals in their natural habitat. You can participate in feedings and sit in bungalows out in the jungle and just watch these magnificent creatures. Meals are filling and delicious and I highly recommend staying for a few nights.
Kayla volunteered at the Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary, you can see her original review on Facebook

Jay wishes that she could have stayed longer!

I volunteered at the Thailand rescue centre and absolutely loved it. The location is a really beautiful, chilled out place with a really friendly little village. There was a good balance of work and relaxing and exploring time and on days off there is quite a few places nearby to visit with nice beaches and some good bars to go out in! The centre is well organized and run. There is a really interesting range of animals there and new ones arriving all the time but most importantly with the rehab program for gibbons you feel like you're contributing to a program that is actually making a difference and has a real future. We went on a jungle trip to the national park which was about 30 mins drive away and so we got to see some of the species at the centre in the wild plus some wild elephants and loads of other animals. The rooms are pretty basic but fine and meals are great although you do have to like rice! I wished I could have stayed for longer.
Jay from Ireland
Jay volunteered at the Thailand Wildlife Sanctuary and you can see her review on GoOverseas

Volunteers in Peru

I volunteered with Picaflor House in November 2018 for couple of weeks. I’ve never done an abroad volunteer program before so I had my doubts and hundreds of questions. Globalteer team put children into their heart and they direct you accordingly during your volunteer program. They answer each and every question with patience. The kids are amazing, teachers are so helpful and everything is so well organized that you don’t have anything to worry about. Cusco itself is a lovely city that I enjoyed a lot. I can’t stop talking & thinking about this amazing experience I had! Wish others would also find the opportunity and be as lucky as I am to have such an amazing experience! Thanks much for this great experience!
Burcu volunteered with Globalteer at the Peru Community Project, you can her original review on GoAbroad

Tiarne managed to volunteer at two projects in one trip!

Late last year I was able to spend a month in Peru to volunteer at two of the Globalteer programs - The Dog Shelter in Cusco and The Amazon Wildlife Sanctuary in Puerto Maldonado. It was organised so well and I felt so comfortable throughout the whole process. I was picked up from the airport and the staff made me feel so welcome and at home. Being a young girl in a country like Peru, my family and friends were quite worried at first, as was I, however, I felt safe the entire time. I didn't have to worry one bit about the organisation of both volunteer groups, even though they were on the opposite sides of the country, it was an easy process with the staff being so quick and prompt in replies and helpful when I arrived in Cusco. I genuinely had an incredible time with so many life lessons and learning experiences taught throughout the trip. Would definitely recommend even if this is your first time overseas alone - as it was mine.
Tiarne volunteered at both the Peru Dog Rescue Project & the Peru Wildlife Sanctuary, you can see the original volunteer review on Google

Nathan was on his second volunteering trip with Globalteer!

Two-years on from volunteering at the Cambodia Community Project, I visited the Peru Community Project for three-weeks in January, 2019. The young people at Picaflor House were a delight to teach. The students learned English whilst I developed my Spanish. It was the Peruvian school holidays whilst I was in town, so the daily timings were adjusted compared with normal. There was flexibility that allowed me to also take a long weekend away, so I could also visit other areas of the country. In addition, I was able to book morning Spanish lessons, which supplemented content that I learned working on the project. Globalteer continue to get things right and, as a teacher trainer, I found sustainability in the project, as teachers should be able to continue using ideas and techniques with their classes now that I have left.
Nathan - UK
Nathan volunteered at the Peru Community Project and recommends the volunteer project on Facebook

Anna enjoyed her time in the amazing city of Cusco!

One of the best experiences I've ever had! The Globalteer staff was extremely friendly, helpful, and made me feel right at home. Whenever there was an event going on, they always made me feel included. Such an amazing experience helping animals and being in such a great city.
Anna - USA
Anna volunteered at the Peru Dog Rescue Project and recommends Globalteer on Facebook

What an amazing experience!
We spent a week with this incredible sanctuary in August 2018. The passion for the animals in the care of this rescue sanctuary is genuine and heartfelt. The staff working there dedicated but also good fun. Loved the interactions with the monkeys, deer, and birds and building the monkey house for the howlers, I hope they enjoy it for many years to come.
I strongly recommend anyone who is visiting Peru and wants to genuinely help wild animals to be returned back to their natural habitat to spend time here.
Hercules from the UK
Hercules volunteered at the Peru Wildlife Sanctuary, his independent review was posted on Google

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Volunteers in Cambodia

My experience with Globalteer was amazing and I've volunteered with them two years in a row now in Siem Reap. The staff are incredible and very accommodating which definitely made the idea of travelling to a new country alone a lot less daunting. The projects they have really immerse you into Cambodian culture as you're working with locals so you get the opportunity to really see how the Khmer live. Siem Reap itself is a wonderful town with plenty of restaurants, local and western, and an endless list of things to do. I would most definitely recommend Globalteer to anyone who's interested in volunteering.
A. N. Barry
This volunteer review of our Cambodia Community Project can be seen on Google

I began volunteering with Globalteer on the Clean Water project in Cambodia for 2 weeks. This experience was one of the most rewarding things I have done - it opened my eyes to how other cultures in different countries cope without luxuries that we take for granted each day. Each week consisted of 3 days of building the water filters and 2 days going to the different villages and giving the water filters to those who needed them. All of the stages were important and I felt like I was really making a real difference. Each morning I woke up excited and full of energy to meet the other amazing volunteers and start our work for the day! I loved going into the villages the most, as you could see how grateful the locals were to receive such an important gift into their lives!
Rob volunteered at the Cambodia Clean Water project and put his volunteering abroad review on Facebook

Holly will surely be back!

I spent a couple of weeks volunteering at the Helping Hands School just outside Siem Reap. The whole experience was fantastic from start to finish. All the Globalteer staff made me feel really welcome and were always on hand to answer any questions. The school itself was really well run and the kids were brilliant to work with. It felt like such a worthwhile way to spend my holiday. Will definitely be going back!
Holly volunteered at the Cambodia Community Project and put her review on Google

My time spent volunteering in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with Globalteer was one of the most eye-opening and inspiring experiences I've had. Volunteering in local schools allowed me to see parts of the area that I wouldn't have been able to as a tourist, and coaching sports to the school children offered me a chance to interact with locals and engage in their culture. Communication with Globalteer leading up to and during my trip was easy and constant. All the staff and volunteers I worked with were very friendly and supportive, always eager to help me out with any issues or concerns I had. Free time during the evenings and weekends allowed me to explore and enjoy what Siem Reap has to offer. I would definitely recommend Globalteer to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in a new culture, step out their comfort zone and make a difference to the local area!
Colin - UK
Colin volunteered at the Globalteer Cambodia Sports project and reviewed his volunteering experience on Google. You can also see Colin review the program on Youtube:

Volunteering in Costa Rica

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this project. The staff were great, and it was wonderful to be able to learn about Costa Rica from the locals working there. I was lucky to have such a great group of volunteers with me at the time, that made the whole experience awesome. I love turtles so this was a dream come true for me. Seeing them up close and knowing that we helped the individuals as well as the species was a truly rewarding thing.
Daisy volunteered at the Costa Rica Sea Turtle Project and put her volunteer review on Volunteer Forever

Volunteering in Indonesia

I volunteered in Indonesia at the sanctuary rescuing and releasing wild animals. There was a huge variety of animals and birds at the sanctuary which made it a wonderful experience. The sanctuary itself was really big and was doing great work protecting many species. I was really impressed with the place and had a great time with other volunteers from around the world. I would definitely recommend people support this sanctuary to help the amazing animals.
Jill - UK
Jill volunteered at the Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary and reviewed Globalteer on GoOverseas

Volunteering in Colombia

I spent two weeks working on the project in Medellin through Globalteer, and had an amazing time. The children at the project are so friendly, welcoming and such good fun, despite coming from tough backgrounds. While my Spanish is fairly basic, I was able to communicate, make friends, and help the children with arts and crafts and English lessons. I also took them to the cinema and to the park, walked them to school and helped with meals and with tidying up. The staff at the project are also really friendly and doing an amazing job with the children. Elena, the Globalteer in-country co-ordinator, was really helpful (despite being unwell), and helped arrange everything, including my stay at a really nice hostel in El Poblado, Spanish lessons, transport to the project and even assistance with finding a dentist! Overall I had a fantastic time and would really love to return soon.
Dave - UK
Dave volunteered at the Colombia Community Project and left his volunteering abroad review on GoAbroad

Volunteering in Laos

I was a little overwhelmed at first after all the travelling but quickly got settled into the routine of feeding, watering and cleaning as well as other special tasks like creating enrichments for the animals. They have an amazing variety of animals at the project. I have always loved animals and seeing these different exotic species up close and knowing you are helping them was fantastic. The location was really nice, and it was a pleasure to work there. The staff were great, and I learnt a lot from them. I just wish the project had more funding, so they could expand their vital work
Rebecca - Netherlands
Rebecca volunteered at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Laos and reviewed Globalteer on GoAbroad

Volunteering in Argentina

I loved helping the monkeys, they were so interesting to work with. It was a pleasure to help the project in their mission to rescue and care for them. I want to work in conservation one day and this was a great insight into the plight of trafficked animals. I learnt a lot from the staff and other volunteers. The accommodation was pretty basic at the sanctuary but as expected. Argentina was great and I hope to return again to explore the country more.
Sam - Germany
Sam volunteered at the Argentina Monkey Sanctuary and reviewed Globalteer on GoAbroad

Volunteering in Malaysia

The people were fantastic, really welcoming, friendly and fun, and I learned loads about marine life, fish ID and coral conservation as well as the problems currently facing sharks. While I was there, I passed my advanced open water diver and emergency first response courses. I would definitely recommend going to anyone who enjoys the sea, you don't have to be a diver, you can take your open water certification when you get there. I wish I had stayed longer!
Emma Thompson
Emma volunteered at the Borneo Marine Conservation Project and reviewed Globalteer on GoAbroad

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