New rural projects for Cambodia community volunteers

Volunteers with our Cambodia Community Project now have the chance to work with one of two new projects deep in the Cambodian countryside. As well as helping to make a tangible difference to the lives of the underprivileged families we work with in Cambdoia, volunteers at the new projects will be able see a very different side to Cambodian life from regular visitors who can only spend their time between Siem Reap and the temples around Angkor Wat.  

Although both projects are located outside Siem Reap itself, they are close enough for volunteers to stay at our town centre guest house where you can socialise along with other Globalteer volunteers, and be close to all the services that Siem Reap has to offer. You will also enjoy free transport to and from your project every day with one of our team of friendly, English-speaking tuk-tuk drivers.

Helping Hands Cambodia

One of the new volunteer projects is Helping Hands Cambodia, a community project which offers free education to children from villages on the edge of the Angkor Archaeological Park. The project’s programme also includes a breakfast club for the poorest children to ensure they are properly fed before going to school, a university scholarship programme, health and personal hygiene classes, agricultural training and the newly introduced classes in better nutrition, especially designed for nursing mothers and mothers of young children.

Globalteer took over the management of Helping Hands Cambodia in April 2013 and we are delighted to now be able to place volunteers at this wonderful project.

Helping the families on the rubbish dump

The second project is a free school located next to one of Siem Reap’s giant rubbish dumps and caters for children who live nearby, many of whom have sadly had to work on the dump to help their families earn a living.

The school was set up in 2012 to give these children a better chance to escape the poverty they have been born into. It is part of an ongoing project which is also building homes to house the families who actually live on the rubbish tip.

Volunteer duties

Volunteers at both projects will work mainly as assistant teachers in English classes, but as always you could be asked to help out with many other different and equally rewarding tasks, depending on your skills and the needs of the projects at the time of your placement.

How to apply

For more about volunteering opportuities around Siem Reap please go to our Volunteer Cambodia Community Project page. Or if you have already made up your mind to come, and would like to be considered for a placement on one of these two inspirational new rural projects, please indicate on your application form.


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