Intern Spotlight: Louis, Gift Giving Strategist

As mentioned in the blogs on Florian and Larissa, I will be shining a spotlight on the work being done by multiple interns. The aim of this series of blogs is to highlight the great work that the interns do. This series also aims to provide prospective applicants with a practical understanding of the work they would do should they apply for one of Globalteer’s internships.

In the final of this series of blogs, we have Welsh national and Gift Giving Strategist, Louis.

Louis playing chess at Picaflor House"
Louis playing football at Picaflor House"


Louis was born in Llanharan, a village 30 kilometers away from the capital city of Cardiff. Although he intended on going to the navy, he ultimately decided to study criminology at the University of Bath. Louis chose to study this course at this university because of his interest in crime, policing, and detective work, along with his interest in rugby, and the opportunity to play rugby there. Louis became interested in developmental work while studying international development. It was this interest in development that led him to apply for multiple positions at Globalteer. After interviewing with Globalteer’s Operations Manager, Lena, Louis was offered the role of Gift Giving Strategist. This role would not only give him experience in the development sector, but it would also allow him to play rugby abroad in Arequipa and Lima.

Louis and Florian playing football with the kids at Picaflor House"
Louis after a rugby tournament in Peru"

Life at Globalteer

Louis’ work at Globalteer is unseen, but is critical in allowing Globalteer to progress its goals. As the Gift Giving Strategist, Louis works with the General Manager of Globalteer to raise funds for the organization. This includes seeking grant opportunities, setting up campaigns to support Globalteer’s projects, and drafting reports.

Louis has also taken an interest in the other Globalteer initiatives. He has supported PAWS colleagues in working to end the street dog problem in and around Cusco. Louis has also supported staff at Picaflor House by holding a rugby workshop for the children. Here, Louis taught the children the basics of rugby, a sport many of them were unfamiliar with. Additionally, Louis has played football and chess with the children and even helped with La chocolatada nivideña.

Louis at event for dog welfare"
Louis at Picaflor House"

Favourite Parts of Internship

Louis has enjoyed the opportunity to move to another country and be emersed in another culture. He has also enjoyed working with the children at Picaflor House. As a dog lover, Louis has also enjoyed working with colleagues at PAWS at dog shelters and communities. He has enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, and he enjoys Cusco’s nightlife.

Challenging Parts of Internship

Not knowing Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country presented some challenges during the course of Louis’ internship. Additionally, being away from his family and friends, especially during the festive season, was challenging for Louis. Finally, during the internship, Louis realized that he preferred working outside of the office, as opposed to being desk-bound.

Louis with the children at Picaflor House"
Louis with the staff at Picaflor House"


Louis encourages any potential applicants to ‘go for it,’ as you don’t want to miss out on a potentially life-changing and rewarding experience. To read more about Globalteer's internships, click on the tab below.