Intern Spotlight: Florian, NGO Assistant

Over the next few months, I will be shining a spotlight on multiple Globalteer interns and highlighting the work that they do in order to help Globalteer achieve its organisational goals.

Globalteer accepts interns in both Peru and Cambodia in various roles from working with kids or animals to office based roles.

The aim of this series of blogs is to highlight the great work being done by our interns and to give prospective interns a practical understanding of the work that they would be doing if they applied to one of our internships.

Florian with children at Picaflor House"
Florian tending to garden at Picaflor House"


First up in this series of blogs is our NGO Assistant, Florian. ‘Flo’, as he’s affectionately known, is a German national who was born in Bollendorf, a small town close to the Luxembourg border. He moved to Bonn to attend university to study a degree in Politics, History and Sociology, with a particular focus on International Relations and Sociology. While at university, Florian took Spanish classes due to his interest in Latin American countries and their people.

Florian chose this academic path due to interest he had in the abovementioned subjects. However, it was during his studies that he developed a professional interest in international relations and development aid. It was a combination of his interest in development aid, knowledge of Spanish, and interest in Latin America that led him to apply for an internship at Globalteer.

He chose Globalteer because he wanted to work on-site with local communities, Globalteer allowed him to do that. Additionally, because Globalteer is a smaller organisation, it would allow him to work on his own projects and implement his ideas in a way that he could not do at a larger organisation.

Florian with the children of Picaflor House"
Florian with the children of Picaflor House"

A Day in the Life

I had the opportunity to spend a day with Florian at Picaflor House. As the NGO Assistant, his duties at Picaflor House are all-encompassing and are difficult to define. However, they essentially relate to supporting Oscar, the Project Manager, run the Picaflor House community project. This is done by creating and teaching classes, conducting sports and physical education classes, and playing games with the children. Additionally, Florian tends to the community garden and organises special events such as Halloween events for the children.

Despite having a comprehensive set of duties, Florian also helps with things that fall outside of his duties. On this day, due to being short-staffed, Florian assisted Oscar in buying and cooking food for the children. Children in Oropesa would often not be fed in the afternoon if they did not receive a meal at Picaflor House.

Florian playing football with the children"
Florian and Picaflor Project Manager Oskar cooking food for the children"

Favourite Parts of Internship

Florian’s favourite part about moving to Peru has been the ability to fully integrate into another society. He has improved his Spanish and has integrated into multiple social groups with whom he plays football with regularly. Additionally, Florian enjoys working with the children. To him, the children give him a lot through their participation during the classes and when they play games and sports.

He also enjoys the professional responsibility that he has been entrusted with by Globalteer. This gives him the confidence to take on other responsibilities during his internship. This includes becoming involved in fundraising for Globalteer, where he is working with his family in Germany to raise funds in order to buy sports gear for Picaflor to improve the sports classes.

Florian playing football with the children at Picaflor"
Florian with the children at Picaflor"

Challenges of Internship

Regarding any challenges of moving to Peru, he notes that it is sometimes challenging living in a different country. To Florian, living in a different country with different cultures and attitudes can sometimes be challenging. However, through interacting with people from different cultures, he has been able to see the positive aspects of difference.

Florian tending to the garden at Picaflor House"
Florian with the children at Picaflor"

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