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Under 18 Volunteering Abroad

High School Groups & Intercultural Exchanges

Tailor-made volunteer trips for High School Groups

At Globalteer, we believe in the value of well planned overseas service learning trips for young people; we believe volunteering abroad should be for everyone, even those under 18 years. By working with Globalteer to create a safe, enjoyable and well structured trip, the benefits to your group and the project you work with are huge. We will work closely with you to design a tailor-made under 18 volunteering experience and international exchange. The service learning will provide worthwhile and much needed assistance to the projects as well as benefits to your students. It will be a unique teaching experience to help them learn and grow into global citizens.

A tailor-made experience might include a trip to Machu Picchu, a guided tour of Angkor Wat or a weekend excursion. We can arrange a night of traditional food and entertainment or even a blessing at a Buddhist temple. Wherever you are heading, our experienced team can recommend a host of activities for you.

Which Globalteer volunteer abroad projects host under 18 groups?

Globalteer's community projects in Peru and Cambodia are perfect for young volunteers. Volunteer groups work alongside our local teachers and staff; teaching English, arts and sports classes. The projects are also located in safe areas within easy reach of two of the world's most spectacular sights; Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat. These are the perfect destinations for unforgettable trips that combine valuable service learning with a truly memorable cultural experience.

Globalteer can offer unrivalled in-country support to groups; with our regional offices and international staff for Latin America and Asia based in Cusco, Peru and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Ideal for teenage volunteering programmes.

As well as community development projects, groups can split their time between projects; including the Dog Rescue Project, Amazon Wildlife Sanctuary, Building Water Filters or working at Globalteer's Food and Farming Project.

Other projects which are ideal as high school volunteer abroad progammes include the Colombia Community Project and the Northern Thailand Elephant Sanctuary.

"Our students have noticeably grown in confidence and their leadership skills have improved."

UK school group teacher, Cusco Project.

Cultural Exchange and Service Learning

We understand the value of a cultural immersion experience for young people and how beneficial volunteering can be. Volunteering for teens can be hugely beneficial. This is the opportunity for high school students to learn beyond the classroom; to travel abroad, volunteer overseas and gain an understanding of what life is like in another country.

We encourage our Under 18 groups to volunteer with an understanding that while they will be learning a lot about a new culture and country, they also have the opportunity to teach about their culture. For instance, a group of students volunteered in Peru where they shared songs and dances from their Chinese culture. They sang a popular children’s song in Chinese, English and Spanish; showing how unique and in some ways similar the cultures were. The Peruvian children also shared their cultural dances taught at the school.

Educational volunteering abroad and group volunteering is also a great way for students to gain lifelong skills; teamwork, leadership and cultural understanding. These skills will carry them throughout their educational years and their future career. We are able to provide certificates for students at the end of their volunteer experience. We also encourage groups to look at our Charity Champions page to see how they can make an ever bigger difference; achieving different levels of volunteering and fundraising.

When volunteering with a UK Registered Charity, you can be sure that your trip with be worthwhile, ethical and responsible.

"Thank you so much for creating memories for us that we will never forget."

Year 11 school group student, Cusco Project.

What's included in a group volunteering package?

All group packages can include anything that is included in our standard volunteer packages, as detailed on the project pages; all your pre-departure information, travel and health advice, airport pick-ups, transfers, accommodation, in country support. And in some cases all your meals and language classes too!

We know that safety is very important for school groups. We therefore undertake all necessary risk assessments and only use reputable local suppliers for all your in-country services. As a UK Charity, you can also be sure that the local projects are ethical and responsible.

Globalteer is happy to build in additional elements for groups; such as excursions and safe private daily transportation to your project. We also have experienced group travel partners who can arrange competitively priced flights and insurance for you too; wherever you may be.

The skills our projects are looking for

For our education-based projects we usually require that volunteers have a good knowledge of spoken and written English. For wildlife conservation projects, a good level of fitness is required as the work can be quite physical and hot. Other than that, a willingness to get stuck in and help with whatever the projects need. These are the most important qualities you could have, along with a desire to learn and share cultures!

We are always happy to discuss any special requirements for your group. Any special skills your group has can be put to use at the projects where appropriate. Our aim is always to find the best way of harnessing our volunteers’ enthusiasm and willingness to help!

How much does it cost?

You can use the prices on our individual project pages as a guide. But bear in mind that any tailor-made trip may cost more, or less, depending on your requirements; for example if you want an upgrade hotel or excursions with guides.

“The trip opened our student’s eyes to the issues of development in a way that a textbook never could.”

A high school group from the UK has volunteered at our Peru Community Project a number of times. We worked closely with the school to organize a trip that suited their needs. We created a tailor-made cultural and volunteering programme in Cusco for 8 days. Plus a tour of historical sights of Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley. Read more about their life-changing experience here:

Emma, Deputy Head
Georgia, student
Sophia, student
Mia, student

If your volunteers are older than 18, then you should visit our Group Volunteering page.

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