Volunteer Spotlight: Georgia

Georgia volunteered at Picaflor House in August 2016 with her school, Piper's Corner, based in the UK. She was part of a group of 15 students who took part in a life-changing tailor-made cultural and volunteering programme at our Community project in Cusco, Peru. This is her story. 

 How does your volunteering trip compare to a regular sightseeing trip or holiday?
This volunteering trip was much better than a regular holiday because I learnt skills, like communicating with children in another language and seeing what a difference we make to the children, and this wouldn’t happen on a holiday.

In what ways do you think you and your fellow students contributed to what Picaflor House is doing?

We helped out in the classes teaching them more about our country in geography, we taught them a few songs in English, such as twinkle, twinkle little star, we also painted a few posters for the art room, and we taught them dances and we did a mini Olympics with them and generally talked and played with them.

What has volunteering at Picaflor House taught you about life outside of your normal environment?

It helped me to realize how much I actually do have and that I should be more grateful for the things I have and how privileged I am to other people, and that not every lives like I do.

How has your time at Picaflor House influenced your views on volunteering?

I think that volunteering is a great thing and that more people should do it as it has such an impact on the children.

What is the biggest impact this trip has had on you? Will you do anything different or have you changed your attitudes to social action (such as volunteering) as a result of you trip?

This trip has made me realize that I want to volunteer and see the world more when I am a bit older. And that I want to volunteer with children all around the world, and maybe even work in a school when I am older.

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