Charity Champions

Charity Champion Awards with Globalteer

Show your support to Globalteer, our amazing projects and partners by becoming a Charity Champion!
Receive your printable Champion's Certificate and add it to your CV, college or university application. 

What is Globalteer Charity Champion?

A Globalteer Charity Champion is an individual or organisation that supports Globalteer and its charity work overseas.

There are four levels for the Champion to achieve - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Champion has to complete one of the activities to achieve bronze, two activities for silver and three activities to achieve gold. Platinum is reserved for those that produce outstanding results in all three levels.


What are the activities for a Charity Champion?

  1. Volunteer or intern with Globalteer.

    Volunteer abroad with Globalteer at one of our many projects in Asia or Latin America. Join Globalteer overseas and make a real difference supporting an amazing project working in community development, animal care or conservation.

    Intern with Globalteer in Peru or Cambodia and immerse yourself in a new culture whilst working with our international charity team abroad.

  2. Fund-raise for Globalteer, our amazing projects and partners.

    Fund-raise to support our fantastic programmes abroad making a real difference. Choose your preferred area to support and get ideas on how to fund-raise from our 'top tips on brilliant fundraising' page.

  3. Become a Globalteer Ambassador and recruit volunteers for our programmes.

    A Globalteer Ambassador's role is to recruit volunteers for our overseas projects. Globalteer needs volunteers at our 22 projects in 9 countries.

Platinum Level

Platinum is reserved for those who produce outstanding results at all the levels.

  1. Volunteering or Interning with Globalteer-show outstanding efforts at the project you volunteer with
  2. Fundraising-fundraise over $500/£400
  3. Globalteer Ambassador-recruit 2 or more volunteers to our projects

If you complete the base tasks, plus go above and beyond based on the guidelines above you will achieve Platinum level.

What You Can Achieve

Not only do you achieve a certificate and the feeling that you have made a positive impact in the world, you have also achieved valuable life skills that future school programmes and employers look for when viewing an application on CV. You have grown in leadership, teamwork, cultural awareness, empathy and have learned a valuable lesson in hard work and personal growth. You will be able to attribute your time spent abroad as a volunteer and as a Globalteer Ambassador to your future goals and understand the importance of having an experience like this on your application or CV.