Globalteer House sale raises $230 for local Cambodian NGOs

Not content with setting up shop at Gobalteer’s volunteer hostel in Siem Reap, the staff at Globalteer House held a “table-top sale” last week to boost sales of the unique products made by their local partner NGOs and managed to raise a fantastic $230.Top selling items included hand woven bracelets, Cambodian cookery books, traditional carved wooden ornaments and branded NGO T-shirts.

The sale was timed to coincide with the imminent departure of a group of 12 volunteers, and to catch them as they were thinking about buying last minute souvenirs and gifts for the folks back home. Globalteer’s Marketing Coordinator Simon Hare explained the thinking behind the sale.

“We have some really beautiful products but as we are not a shop we have to keep them in a locked glass cabinet for security reasons, which means people can browse, but they can’t actually touch the products. And we only have space to display a few examples of our wares.

“So every so often we get all the stock out and make a big song and dance about it with the aim of raising a bit more cash. It’s good for projects as they struggle to get their products stocked in town, and even when they do, they have to pay a commission. With our shop, 100% of takings go back to the projects.”

The tactics certainly worked, with departing volunteers digging deep, and the shopping frenzy rubbing off on to other volunteers, and even the staff.

“It does kind of help that I am going back to the UK for a holiday soon”, said Simon, “so I needed to buy some gifts anyway, and these items are much nicer than much of the stuff you find in the shops!” 

The team at Globalteer House are looking forward to the busy season when the hostel will be full of volunteers who will all be potential shoppers!

If you would like to be one of those volunteers then visit our Globalteer Cambodia Children’s Project pages and apply now!