10 great volunteer projects to escape the southern winter

1. Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle Conservation

Visiting Borneo between May and September, is the perfect time to experience the best weather this tropical island can offer. However, not only is it the balmiest and driest season, hitting temperatures of around 32-33 degrees a day, you’ll be scuba diving in the crystal clear waters focusing on protecting and replanting coral reefs. It’s also the perfect time to volunteer at the project because you can get involved in the Sea Turtle conservation programme, which is the only time of the year the turtles are nesting on the beaches. Find out how you can get involved in this essential project here.

2. Indonesia Wildlife Sanctuary

Just a hop skip and a boat ride away from Borneo, is the beautiful island of Sulawesi, where our wonderful Wildlife Sanctuary project is situated. With similar weather to Borneo, you’ll be staying on the idyllic coastal headland, caring for animals such as Orangutans, Malaysian sun bears, gibbons, tarsiers and birds of paradise as well as turtles and other reptiles saved from the illegal wildlife trade. It really is the perfect time of year to experience this oasis of tranquility with opportunities for lovers of nature and tropical environments, while rehabilitating these beautiful species. Read more about this truly wonderful conservation project here.

3. Argentina Howler Monkey Sanctuary

May to September is also the best time to visit parts of South America. Cordoba, where our wonderful monkey sanctuary is situated, is sunny and dry (with only a couple of days of rainfall per month), and is slightly cooler and less humid than the rest of the year – winning all round! It’s the perfect climate to be outside all day, feeding and caring for the Howler monkeys, rehabilitating them so they can enjoy life as monkeys again. This project is a unique opportunity, perfect for anyone who has a passion for animal welfare and wants to make a difference in this worthwhile project. There’s lots of other activities to be done in the area too such as hiking, horse riding and river swimming. To find out more about the project, click here.

4. Colombia kids project

Moving closer to the equator, you will find our wonderful Colombian projects. Medellin is one of the most beautiful cities in South America and it is locally known as the ‘City pf Eternal Spring’, so that’s a great indication of the climate! July and August are really the best months to go with low rainfall, and average temperatures around a balmy 24 degrees. Whether you’re caring for the children or teaching at the project, you’ll be enjoying the lovely weather playing outside with the children, going on trips and new adventures in this wonderful and diverse country. To read more about this worthwhile project, click here.

5. Colombia Sloth Sanctuary

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include our other incredible project situated just outside of Medellin – the Colombia Sloth sanctuary. This amazing conservation project is located in the rainforest at 1750m in altitude. It is located next to Medellin River, and is connected to 1000 hectares of private and public nature reserves – so a beautiful environment to immerse yourself in, while caring for these incredible creatures. You’ll spend your days improving the sanctuary, planting trees, assisting with the care of the sloths and maintain the forest, in the warm sunshine. Click here to get a deeper insight in to how you can work on this important project.

6. Peru Community Project

Moving south again, we have numerous projects in the remarkable city of Cusco, Peru! This is a great time to visit Cusco as the weather is clear and sunny and the heat and cold are not too extreme! Just outside the city is our Community Project, focusing on giving underprivileged children a better start in life, with volunteers assisting with their all-important English classes, homework, arts, crafts games and sports. Also, don’t forget that the wonder of Machu Picchu is easily accessible from Cusco. See how you can put a smile on these children’s faces here.

7. Peru Dog Rescue

Our Peru Dog Rescue project is the city’s most welcoming dog shelter – and you can see why! These dogs have either been abandoned or injured and the sanctuary has taken them in with open arms. Cusco is sunny and warm during the day so the perfect climate for lovely long walks with the pooches, caring, and socializing with them in the summer months. Did you know that this is also peak time of year for festivals in Cusco? With parades and processions across Easter, the festival of Corpus Christi, and Inti Raymi in June, it’s well worth timing a trip to Cusco for. Click here to find out how you could take care of these lovely mutts.

8. Peru Amazon Rainforest Project

A few hours north of Cusco is the spectacular Manu biosphere, where our Amazon Rainforest project is based. It is a major biodiversity hotspot located in the Amazon River Basin – quite the contrast to city life. Soputhern winter is a fantastic time to view the beauty of this famous rainforest and work with the project staff on research, conservation and sustainable initiatives that are imperative to protect the species residing here. In May the jungle air becomes so clear that you can even see the snow-capped peaks of the high Andes from near our two rainforest projects. Find out how you can protect the rainforest here.

9. Peru Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary

The second of our rainforest projects focusses on rehabilitating and releasing rainforest animals, including monkeys, tropical birds, sloths and anteaters. Working at the project during these months will give you the best this tropical environment has to offer! Situated near Puerto Maldonado, eastern Peru, you’re in a tropical savanna climate, with the humidity and rainfall being at its lowest at this time of year, but still beautifully warm, reaching temperatures of 29-32 degrees. Find out how you can enjoy this tropical location while doing something really rewarding with the Amazonian wildlife.

10. Cambodia Community Project

Cambodia can experience all sorts of weather in one day at this time of year – extremely hot, sunny days with temperatures in the 30s Celsius and torrential rain and thunderstorms an hour later. May to July are sunny months of the year, with some rain – which provides some respite from the hot and humid days.

The Community Project is based in Siem Reap, north Cambodia, working with partner projects in and around the town, working with established schools in disadvantaged communities, building sustainable clean water supplies, empowering women and encouraging farming and agricultural development. And don’t forget to visit the magnificent Angkor Wat temples just 20 mins tuk-tuk ride away and tons of other activities.

Don’t forget our projects need volunteers all year round too and every season has something different to offer - not only in the dry seasons! Find out more about how you can get involved in our other projects here.