We want men!

It could just be that women are more caring than men, but our projects are seeing a distinct lack of male volunteers at the moment.
In fact it has got so bad that our Indonesian wildlife project has come right out on their Facebook Page in praise of their amazing female volunteers.  They don’t just help to look after the rescued animals at the project on the stunning tropical island of Sulawesi, but also roll up their sleeves without hesitation and get stuck into the hot and sweaty physical work that also needs to be done. Way to go, girls!
It's not just about teaching...

Joking aside, volunteering placements with Globalteer are not just about teaching or looking after children. Not only can our wildlife projects in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysian Borneo require quite a bit of physical effort, but our children’s and community projects in Cambodia, Peru and Colombia also need volunteers to help with tasks such as building work, painting, and gardening

We also offer full time placements building and installing life-saving water filters for villagers in and around Siem Reap, Cambodia, and are actively seeking volunteers to help set up and maintain a small farm and market garden near Siem Reap.

Clearly our female volunteers are more than up to the physical challenges of this type of volunteering, but a few men might even the numbers out a bit!

Great for couples too...

These opportunities are great for people who don’t want to teach or look after children, and also give couples the perfect opportunity to travel together and put all their skills to good use in one location.
Please read our Cambodia children’s Project  pages for more information about the water filters project. If you want to join our Cambodia Children’s projects but would prefer to do more physical work to teaching, then please make sure you tell us on your application form, and we will make sure we assign you to the most relevant project for your skills.
We look forward to welcoming you on one of our projects soon!


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