Volunteer Spotlight: Paul

27 year-old Paul from South Wales admits that after a few tough years he took a look at his life and decided he didn't like the way it was heading. Having always wanted to travel, but also wanting to give something back to the countries that he visited, he scoured the web and decided to go to Peru and Argentina. After more internet searching he applied to Globalteer’s Peru Community Project at Picaflor house because it “looked like a fantastic project” that suited what he wanted - plus it was close to Machu Picchu which was on his 'to do list'.

 Before heading for South America, Paul had no volunteering experience but that didn’t put him off, and he volunteered in Argentina before coming to Picaflor House near Cusco in the Peruvian Andes. This is what he had to say about his experience.

"The only experience I had of working with children before I went to Picaflor House
was the experience I gained in Argentina and just being around my friends and all their children. If you like children then you will be fine. The children have so much to give and providing you have the right attitude then it will all come with time.

The people at Picaflor House

"I made some wonderful friends that I'm still in contact with, the children never failed to make me smile even when I missed home - and Peru is a beautiful country with such lovely people. Diane (Globalteer’s Project Manager) was amazing, I had a few problems during my stay and she sorted them quickly for me. Eliza (Globalteer’s Development Manager) was also very helpful, preparing lessons and assisting in the lessons amongst other things.

"Nelida (Picaflor House Manager) was great, always smiling and helping me with my Spanish. Generally the other volunteers were like-minded people who I made friends with and remain in contact with. Obviously there are occasionally exceptions to the rule but diplomacy goes a long way.

"I would definitely recommend Globalteer to anyone. They were professional and supportive throughout. Their staff are lovely and really helped me out. I also like the fact that a lot of the money goes towards the project. You can see where your money goes and how much the kids appreciate it.

"If you’re on the fence and not quite sure then take my advice and go for it. It was the best thing I've ever done. I met amazing people and had a great time and I felt I made a difference to the children's lives. Please tell my story to as many people as you can and get more volunteers to the projects!"

If you'd like to "go for it" and help Paul's wish come true, then visit our Peru Community Project pages and apply today!