Volunteer Spotlight: Jess

There are many reasons that people volunteer you only have to look around our website to find what inspired our volunteers. However, what could be more exciting than your volunteering experience leading directly to a full-time job with a non-profit in lovely Cambodia? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Globalteer volunteer Jessica.

Jessica Volunteered for twelve weeks at our Cambodia Community project in the summer of 2016.

“I have volunteered for as long as I can remember in a variety of positions, but where I felt I really made a difference was during university and I spent two years volunteering for a company which specialised in teaching literacy to less fortunate children in a specific part of England. It was here that I fell in love with the need to help those who haven’t been as lucky as I have in life! “
“It was this motivation that helped me decide that I didn’t just want to travel, I wanted to volunteer as well. I did my research to avoid companies that advertised ‘voluntourism’ as I wanted to make a difference - not cause more damage than good.

This is when I discovered Globalteer and could immediately tell that they were a reputable volunteering company. I applied to spend 12 weeks on their Cambodia Community project and they placed me as a teaching assistant at their community school in Siem Reap, a charity school providing education and food assistance for local children.

The project currently assists over 160 students and their families, through food and education. Their core programmes include a Breakfast Club (giving the students a healthy start to the day), 6 classrooms supporting students of different ages and abilities through English lessons, computing, sport and art; Lunch time program; monthly rice ration; sponsorship of uniforms and schools and the farm programme, adding to the rice ration and further supplementing the families food needs with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and herbs.
“I absolutely fell in love with project, especially the kids! They are amazing people who even though they have so little all they want to do is learn and share. It’s so inspiring!”

After Jessica’s 12 weeks, she returned home to the UK, but kept in touch with Globalteer and the school. It was while she was at home that she kept an eye on the on-goings of the project.

“I saw online that the school’s volunteer co-ordinator had announced his retirement and so I emailed him to question what would happen to his position. It took a lot of emails and unashamed pestering on my part, but they offered me the role as his replacement!”

 “Now I work full time at the project and my responsibilities range from working in the office, handling emails and creating the school’s newsletter, marketing and some fundraising for the school. I also arrange and give tours of the school to prospective donors and work closely with the volunteers. But, most importantly, I get to interact with the children! Seeing their happy faces every day makes everything so much more worthwhile for me! I’m so happy to be back in Cambodia helping these wonderful children and can see myself being here for the foreseeable future.”

There have been countless volunteers that have ended up working for Globalteer too, so have a look at our projects and see where you could start your journey!