Volunteer Spotlight: Duncan

I have done my small part to make a difference...

I was quite apprehensive about going to Cambodia at first. I am at an age where I can remember Vietnam, the Khmer rouge and pol pot. But, I was also at an age where I knew there was more important things I needed to do with my life. So I left my comfort zone and volunteered to help out in Cambodia.

I had not taught before nor even worked with kids but that didn’t matter. The kids were so desperate to learn English to help improve their own lives. At the day centre for the street kids, they were so happy for attention and just wanted to have the chance to play. Teaching the younger classes was so much fun. They really want to understand how words are pronounced and to have 30 kids shout back everything you say on command was always humorous to me.

As for the street kids, well, quite simply these kids are deprived of a childhood - and for 3 hours a day, the kids are allowed to play and act like kids again. They spend the rest of their lives working as they are the bread winner in their family. It is such a worthwhile project, that I am now saving to go back. I miss the kids and I feel so much more confident and worthy in this world now that I have done my small part to make a difference.