Volunteer Spotlight: Chris

Every time when I’m thinking what happened, I get watery eyes...

Sawadee, I’m Chris from Belgium. I’m here already for 30 days. I write this on the most unforgettable day until now. Actually I can write already a book, what I’m doing and going through. Also the contact with the animals at the center is actually not possible to write down, you should feel it yourself. But I will try to describe what I felt today. Finally after many thundershowers and rainstorms, we can use the islands again, because the natural border is high enough, the gibbons can’t jump anymore over the water.

So we decided to put SKIPPI and GIGI on the juvenile island. These are really my favorite gibbons. I will miss them but they are much better off on the island of course. First we put GIGI in the moving cage. Then we (Edwin and I) bring GIGI with the boat to the island. Edwin went to check if everything was all right, while I was waiting a shore in the boat with GIGI. BILLY and BANK, two little gibbons, came towards me and had a look. Then they really went on the boat, which was the first time that I get so close to the gibbons without any bars. When Edwin came back we went into the water and opened the cage. After some hesitation, GIGI went on the island and was welcomed by BILLY with lots off big hugging and smiling (gibbons can smile very nice), they really hold each other very close. Unbelievable to see it, this was very emotional.

Every time when I’m thinking what happened, I get watery eyes. After that we put SKIPPY on the island. He has never been on an island. He climbed very fast in the trees and was a little bit clumsy when swinging from one tree to another, but will learn it very quickly. So this was just one moment out of many. I’m going to enjoy one month more and realize how unforgettable this adventure is going to be. Lots of greetings from Chris.